Pokémon GO – Here’s why there are no Team GO rocket balloons or grunts

Did you notice there aren’t any Team Go Rocket Balloons or Grunts in the Pokémon GO lately? Many players have since the feature seemed to go away overnight. That’s exactly what happened. And if you’ve tried to beat Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, or Giovanni, the absence is hard to feel. Here’s why there are no Team GO rocket balloons or grunts in Pokémon GO.

Why aren’t there Team GO rocket balloons or grunts in Pokémon GO?

Niantic has disabled Team GO rocket balloon spawning and grunts in Pokémon GO, but only temporarily. The announcement was released late at night on the east coast of the United States on April 9. It said: “While Trainers are investigating bugs related to Team GO Rocket encounters, they are temporarily unavailable. We will update here with more information. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

What were these mistakes? Pokémon GO around the world encountered freezes on the latest version of the game. While only a small part of the community actually participated in this version, it was increasingly made available to others. Instead of letting players encounter these bugs, Niantic removed the Team GO Rocket team from the game.

Balloons don’t appear every six hours, and Poké Stops don’t provide the usual grunt activity. And even if you have your missile radar (normal or super) equipped, you won’t see Arlo, Cliff, Sierra or Giovanni. Hold this fight back for now, but hopefully you don’t work on your specialty or timed research quests for them. Everyone just has to wait for a new version of the game to be released and the bugs have been fixed.

Hopefully, now that you know why there aren’t any Team GO rocket balloons or grunts in Pokémon GO, have the patience to wait and see this time.

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