Player shows how powerful magic can get in Elden Ring

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Some players have already completed a considerable part of the Elden Ring only a few days after the release. A new clip now shows a very advanced player demonstrating their magic skills on an optional boss, and it’s pretty impressive. The gameplay videos and clips of the players are currently cavorting in the Elden Ring subreddit. Many show their greatest successes and failures.

The user ThatJapaneseMan has now uploaded a video in which he tries out the powerful magic “Azure Comet” on the boss “Schwarzritter Kindred”.

Video shows what powerful tools Elden Ring gives you

How did he do it? ThatJapaneseMan hasn’t provided an accurate description or guide of his build. However, one statement indicates that he is already well advanced in the game and now wants revenge on this boss. He also uses spell damage buffs and influential staff.

That’s why it’s remarkable: The boss is a tough one for many players. In the reactions to the video, numerous players speak out who either made the boss much more difficult or even avoided him for the time being.

The author of the clip himself describes magic indirectly as “overpowered”. Some players agree with him. For example, nicklovin508 writes, “As a melee fighter, this guy was on my not yet fought list.”

notthatkindoforc1121 writes: “Damn. Every time I’m on reddit I find “my build for the next pass”. I don’t have time to play through this game 5 times, why am I still thinking about it?”

oppapoocow has a similar problem: “Bruh I already have 3 characters at level 50 because people keep posting their sick builds here. At that rate, I’ll never beat the game.”

The comments also discuss level scaling of enemies in RPGs. Obviously, Elden Ring has no scaling on the enemies, because with higher level and better equipment you can almost pulverize the enemies at the start of the game.

That’s evident in this case, and also in the case of an impressive Margit kill that went viral from another player . But do the players see that positively?

In Elden Ring you can take revenge on opponents

In the comments, most fans celebrate that Elden Ring does not have such a system. Many people think this kind of thing ruins power fantasy, which is your character’s sense of strength.
RPGs are often about progress, better gear, and higher stats. In the eyes of many players, a system in which opponents level with the character is almost toxic.
As SmartestNPC puts it, “Enemy scaling rarely works. If the enemies in an RPG scale with you, what’s the point of getting stronger?” luxsalsivi sums it up for many.

Many are also considering how much room there is still up and what awaits players in the New Game Plus in the next round.
For this, many people are already making their plans and thinking about which builds they want to play next.
How do you see it? Do you also play magic? Or did you choose a different path? Tell us about your previous experiences in the comments. But some players don’t get along quite as well in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring best sorceries

Elden Ring warlocks will start with Flintstone magic, but you can use other types of magic. As you progress, you’ll also earn death and blood magic that you can use to lure enemies toward you or even make meteors rain from the sky.

Swift Glintstone Shard

The Swift Glintstone Shard might not be the most powerful spell, but it’s fast and easy to deal with most primary enemies. If you run into an ordinary soldier, an exile, or a bug, you can probably kill them quickly with just a few quick Glintstone shards.

You can learn this spell from Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins after giving her the Academy Scroll, which you’ll find in a cemetery near Erith Church when you first enter the Liurnia of the Lakes. Please return it to Sellen and buy the spell for 600 Runes when you have the scroll. The image above should help you find Sellen if you’re struggling, but beware that you’ll need to fight the Mad Pumpkin Head before you can meet the wizard.

Glintstone Cometshard

Flintstone Cometshard is the slower and more powerful version of the Swift Glintstone Shard. Cometshard moves a little slower but deals more damage. This is a simple but very effective trade. We suggest switching between this and the Swift Glintstone Shard on the fly, depending on the enemy you’re up against. A few Swift shards should suffice if there is a group of low-level enemies, while Cometshard can deal with larger enemies attacking their own. If the enemy rolls to avoid Cometshard, consider getting close and turning to the Carian Slicer for some melee strikes instead.

You can get the Flintstone Cometshard spell from Sellen at Waypoint Ruins after giving her the Conspectus scroll. You can find a Conspectus Scroll at Raya Lucaria Academy near the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. In the adjacent corridor, where you’ll find a magician wandering around while two others are reading books nearby, head into a small room with a corpse. You can loot the Conspectus Scroll from the carcass and then return it to Sellen to unlock this spell, which you can buy for 12,000 Runes.

How to Learn New Spells in Elden Ring

Spells can be beneficial in the Elden Ringworld, and there are a few different ways to get more of them. The first method is for players who have chosen to play as magical users in Elden Ring.

The magicians of Flintstone will have to go to the vaults of the Waypoint Ruins and defeat the boss who is there. When the boss is killed, players will be able to talk to a nearby NPC, introducing them to new magical abilities. Players will need to search The Lands Between to find the Arcane books from that point on. These books will give players new spells to use in combat. And whether you play Elden Ring on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, these abilities can be precious.

There is another way to use magic for players who have chosen a different class in the Elden Ring. There is a simple way to proceed to gain magic for those who benefit from faith.

Players will have to find a fire near the Table of Lost Grace. By talking to an NPC there, players will be sent to another NPC, the guy who will give them access to spells. By using spell and ability slots, players will then be able to use magic. These powers will undoubtedly help players level up in the Elden Ring.

Magic is only one part of the Elden Ring, but it can be helpful to players. Paying homage to the Dark Souls, Elden Ring has created an experience that challenges players and allows them to explore a new and wonderful world.

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