Phase 2 – Autumn splendor

Genshin impactThe Theater Mechanicus event is back, bringing another wave of challenges, rewards and loads of new features.

With this in mind, we will now guide you through the second stage of the Mechanicus Theater, Autumnal Resplendence, which, unlike the first stage, Bridge of the Slumber Spirit, has 5 enemy waves so you can finish the stage quickly and hopefully all waves without a single enemy crossing the portal.

Wave 1

For the first wave we will be using two Dust Devil (Anemo) and a Rippling Reflection Mechanicus (Hydro) to stop the enemies coming out of the portals. Make sure each Anemo Mechanicus is facing the portal on the other side of the floor so you can use vortex reactions to make them fly.

Below the stairs we will place another Anemo device to keep the enemies from crossing the defenses and add 2 Inferno Mechanicus to use Vaporize to do heavy Pyro damage.

  • It’s important to point out that in order for this formation to work you will need to continuously upgrade both the Dust Devil and Inferno Mechanicus as you will need to focus on increasing their damage as well as their speed and range.

Wave 2

In the second wave we will add two more Mechanicus, a Dust Devil, one behind the two Inferno Mechanicus already placed and one next to it, facing the 4 devices already placed so you can keep any enemy from escaping the line of fire.

After doing this, remember to stay near the stars, always use Hydro on the enemies to activate Vaporize, and pay close attention to the west wing as you may have to step forward to stop any enemies that make it to the line of fire to limit.

Wave 3

For the third wave, we’ll be adding two more Inferno Mechanicus to increase the firepower. Always remember to keep improving the structures so they can attack as often as possible.

Wave 4

For the fourth wave, we’re just going to add an Inferno Mechanicus to create continuous damage. Since many enemies can walk past the first line of defense, it is recommended that you replace the Rippling Reflection Mechanicus with a Furious Discharge (Elektro) to keep it in place. If you make the change, you won’t have to switch back for the next wave.

Wave 5

For the fifth and final wave, we will use another Inferno Mechanicus, which this time is on the east path so we can take down any enemy that manages to get by. This wave consists of three Frostarm Lawachurls, so it’s important to deal damage as often as possible.

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