Patch notes for War Thunder update version 3.28 on September 17

A new update for War thunder was released today. We have all the details on this patch on September 17.

War Thunder 3.28 update is now available for download. Today’s patch only includes MBT mods and sound bug fixes.

War Thunder 3.28 / patch notes

Changes in the protection parameters of American and Soviet MBTs

In the recently released changelog for the “Raining Fire” update, some bugs were made in the Soviet MBT’s protection parameters, while those in-game parameters were mostly set correctly. We have corrected these issues and now present the latest protection settings. In addition, the protection parameters of the M1 Abrams tank series have been adjusted.

For Soviet MBT turrets, the protection values ​​in the sector of heading angles ± 30 ° from the vehicle axis are used; This means that when a tank is hit from these angles, protection is provided to a minimum as indicated. In the case of striking from a heading angle of 0 °, the protection can be significantly higher than indicated and depends largely on the point of impact on the turret.

For M1 series tanks, protection is listed separately for the left and right sides of the turret due to their different tilt angles. Structurally, the turret ‘cheeks’ and lower front hull armor plate are assumed to represent the same obstacle, installed at different angles. Because of this, the equivalent lower faceplate protection is set slightly higher than that stated for M1A2 in the publication “Stridsfordon idag och imorgon. Ett föredrag om Svenskt Pansar med utgångspunkt i historien ”.

These changes are not final and may be clarified and further revised in the case of new documentary sources.


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  • The splash sound of torpedo launches has been corrected.
  • Fixed missing sound indicator for a downed enemy plane.
  • The Ju-87 B-2 Stuka siren has become audible in the cockpit view.
  • The volume of the piston and jet engine has been reduced where the viewer’s viewing camera is close to the engine.
  • The engine volume of the land vehicle has been reduced slightly in view of the gunner.
  • The weapon volume of player planes has been slightly increased.
  • The Missile Passing (Missing) Missile Event has been reworked.
  • Fixed an issue where music would be incorrectly layered in the hangar after the battle was over.

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