Patch Notes for Team Fortress 2 Client Update 6064914 on August 27

Valve released a new update for Team Fortress 2 today. We will have the full patch notes for this update on August 27.

the Team Fortress 2 Update 6064914 It is now available. The update only contains some bug fixes.

Team Fortress 2 Patch Notes August 27

  • Fixed model caching rules built into bsp to allow correct model reload when transitioning to a different map

  • Fixed some instances not properly checking if anti-aliasing was disabled.

  • Fixed Replica Titanium Tank 2020 medal name

  • Updated The Flatliner to fix an issue with taunting

  • Updated the Hazard helmet to fix a material issue.

  • Updated the Crabe de Chapeau to add the smoke effect.

  • Updated The Sophisticated Smoker

  • Fixed some clipping issues

  • Added the smoke effect.

  • Backpack image updated.

  • Updated the Hypno-eyes

  • Added a style that was not included in the original version.

  • Equip_region updated

Source: Steam

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