Outriders: where is the wreck zone?

Once you get to Trench Town in Outriders, you may come across a side quest that will ask you to visit the wreck zone. The only problem is that at this point in the game, most people don’t know where the wreck zone is. It’s really easy to find and the reward for completing this quest is more than worth the effort. Here’s how to get to the wreck zone for the Outriders Legacy Quest in Outriders.

Where is the wreck zone in Outriders?

After completing the first step of the Outriders Legacy quest and speaking to Lucy in Trench Town, you will be told to look for Monique in the wreck zone. However, if, like most players, you started the quest immediately after arriving in Trench Town, the wreck zone is not yet unlocked. Thankfully, there is only one small objective that you need to complete in order to unlock the area. Just do your main quest in Trench Town and visit Corrigan’s Citadel. After that, the main story will take you to the wreck zone and you can continue your search for Monique.

Once you get to the wreck zone, you have to take care of both the main quest and the side quest Outriders Legacy. Both missions have objective markings. So just follow the marker on your map to find Monique and continue the quest. Unfortunately you will hit another roadblock after completing this quest step. Your next stop is the quarry, and you will have to advance through the main story until you can access it.

The same thing will happen a few more times. So if you need to reach an area that you haven’t unlocked yet, keep working through the main story. You can also check out our Outriders Legacy Quest Guide for more detailed instructions and tips, including locations for all of the chests so you can get great gear along the way.

Outrider is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia available.

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