Outriders Tips – How To Earn Junk and Level Up Fast

Here’s how to get more XP and money while playing.


In Outriders, your main currency is junk. It can be used to buy weapons and armor from vendors. In between quests, it’s always a good idea to check out the vendors and see what scrap they have on sale as this could be an upgrade from the current gear.

Scrap is obtained from pretty much everything you do, whether it is killing enemies, dismantling armor, completing quests, or opening chests. The easiest way to earn this is to sell excess items to sellers (just make sure to disassemble anything that contains a mod that you need). You can also earn scrap from the early chests that were distributed as you ascended the world levels. Of course, the amount increases as the world level gets higher.

How to level up quickly

Killing enemies and completing quests award XP for leveling up with a maximum cap of 30. Although the item level can go beyond level 30 (through higher world levels and expeditions), class points and skills are gained through leveling up. With each level you also get passive additions to ability power, health, etc.

There are several other ways to level up quickly. The first is to pick up all the different side quests and then go to the quest map. This shows the rewards for everyone and allows you to prioritize XP or maybe get better gear. Another great tactic is to take on hunting and bounty missions as they provide additional experience and can drop epic and potential legendary items. As KackisHD outlines in his video guide below, you can take on a hunting mission, kill the boss, collect the loot that falls, and then die for the other enemies.

You will reappear in the same mission and the boss will be alive, which means you can kill him again to get more loot and repeat the process for quick wins. Just make sure that this doesn’t cause your World Tier Progress to drop too far. If some battles in the story are too overwhelming, return to a previous point in the story (via the option in the lobby) and just repeat that part again for extra experience or even to collect more potential loot.

When faced with major problems, do not be afraid to lower the world level by one level. If you’re losing time by dying all the time, it’s worth doing the little bonus XP downgrade for further progress. You can always return to the same world level and deal with enemies if you are better equipped. With that in mind, you should also look into the crafting system as it can help increase attributes on items, equip mods that better suit your current skills, and much more.