Outriders Tips – How to Breed Legendary and Epic Loot Easily

Expeditions too hard? Here are some easy ways to get high performing gear.


After completing the story in Outriders, expeditions will open to those looking for a tougher challenge. They also provide a means of earning legendary loot, though difficulty can make farming a slog. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to earn Legendaries – by just buying them with Drop Pod Resources.

When you visit Tiago you will find that he sells Legendaries for Drop Pod Resources. This currency will fall after expeditions are completed, but it can also be bought for titanium from Tiago. The easiest way to do all of this is to sell loot that we’ve earned – like epic items that we get into – to Bailey for Scrap. Buy Titanium from her, then trade it in for Drop Pod Resources for Tiago.

Proceed to purchase legendary loot. If Tiago doesn’t have the legendaries you’re looking for, just wait for their inventory to be updated. You can use this time to farm epic loot for more junk.

How to Farm Epic Equipment

As mentioned in our guide to leveling tips, Beast Hunts is a quick way to farm epic weapons and gear. First, make sure you are World Tier 7 or higher. Acquire beast hunting and venture into the area in question. Kill enemies until the main objective appears. However, in some cases, it may have already appeared. Take it down quickly and it should drop at least two epic items on death. Pick them up and let the other enemies kill you.

After respawning you are back at the beginning of the area and the target has reappeared. Repeat this process until you have amassed a good amount of epic loot. Make sure not to clear other enemies’ area after the target animal has been felled. Otherwise, the beast hunt will be completed. This method works well for mid-game prep, but is also a reliable source of epic loot that can be sold for scrap (which can then be used to acquire Legendaries via the method described above).

It’s worth noting that certain hunts – like the Tooka Beast, Splittooth, Sandshifter, and Coldclaw – have adjusted their prey because they are “too generous”. Hence, it is best to avoid them when farming.