Outriders Tips – All legendary armor for every class


Like many loot titles, Outriders has a fair share of legendaries to offer. Each class has four sets of legendary armor with five pieces, each with different mods. Collecting the entire set also brings bonuses. The armor helps if you specialize in a particular skill tree and style of play, while leaving you the heck overwhelmed at the same time. Check out all of the legendary armor currently available in Outriders below.


  • Chronosuit mask
  • Upper chronosuit
  • Chronosuit gloves
  • Lower chronosuit
  • Chronosuit footwear
  • Safety glasses on the edge of time
  • Armor on the verge of time
  • Gloves from the edge of time
  • Pants on the edge of time
  • Shoes on the edge of time
  • Intruder hood
  • Intruder armor
  • Intruder heels
  • Trespasser’s Britches
  • Intruder boots
  • Ugake Otarah’s hood
  • Ugake Otarah’s talisman
  • Ugake Otarah’s arm wrap
  • Ugake Otarah’s waist scarf
  • Ugake Otarah’s boots


  • Crown of the Borealis monarch
  • Robe of the Borealis monarch
  • Gloves of the Borealis Monarch
  • Waist of the Borealis monarch
  • Borealis monarch’s boots
  • Grim inventor mask
  • Grim inventor’s cloak
  • Grim inventor gloves
  • Grim Inventor’s Leg Armor
  • Grim inventor boots
  • Plague Seed Skull
  • Plague coats of the plague
  • Hands of the plague seed
  • Sailor pants of the plague
  • Plague boots of the plague
  • Torrential Downpour goggles
  • Torrential Downpour’s armor
  • Torrential Downpour’s Gloves
  • Torrential Downpour’s leg armor
  • Torrential Downpour’s footwear


  • Death-proof mask
  • Death-proof breast armor
  • Death-proof gauntlets
  • Death-proof leg armor
  • Death-proof shoes
  • Marshal helmet
  • Marshal armor
  • Marshal gauntlets
  • Marshal waist
  • Marshal’s shoes
  • Seismic Commander’s Helmet
  • Seismic Commander’s Armor
  • Seismic Commander’s gloves
  • Seismic Commander’s leg armor
  • Seismic Commander’s Footgear
  • Head of the statue
  • Torso of the statue
  • Hands of the statue
  • Legs of the statue
  • Feet of the statue


  • Acari’s helmet
  • Acari armor
  • Acari gauntlets
  • Waist of the acari
  • Acari boots
  • Helmet of the Lava Lich
  • Upper garment of the Lava Lich
  • Magic of the Lava Lich
  • Lower robe of Lavalich
  • Boots of the Lava Lich
  • Forge’s hood
  • Armor of the forge
  • Hands of the forged
  • Forge boots
  • Blacksmith’s hip scarf
  • Torture mask
  • Torture vest
  • Torture gloves
  • Torturer’s waist
  • Torture shoes

For more information on each armor set, see the following video tutorials from DPJ. You can find more tips and tricks here.

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