Outriders Tips – 12 Tips and Tricks To Keep In Mind

Outriders Tips - 12 Tips and Tricks To Keep In Mind 1

People Can Fly’s RPG shooter Outriders is out now, and as you can imagine, there is a lot going on in this game. Depending on how much of the demo you’ve played (if you’ve played it at all) you may already be familiar and familiar with the game’s underlying core systems, but for those of you who are going to be accessing it for the first time, here we’ve put together a number of useful tips and tricks to help you make your first few hours in the game a little smoother.


Don’t let the Outriders cover shoot mechanics fool you – even if you can play it as a cover shooter, staying stationary for too long is not advisable. It is best to move around the battlefield and make full use of your skills and abilities. Your enemies definitely like to keep moving, and there’s a good chance you’ll feel a little overwhelmed too quickly if you don’t do the same.



Healing is a mechanic who really drives home what we just talked about, because in Outriders, healing is directly related to killing enemies. Each class heals differently – destroyers restore the health of enemies you kill at close range. Pryomancers heal every time an enemy you tagged with your skills dies. Tricksters gain health and a small shield for killing an enemy at close range, while Technomancers regain a bit of health for every damage they take. Attack is the best defense on Outriders, and healing in particular depends on your playing aggressively. The sooner you deal with it, the easier things get.



Here’s another way Outriders makes it clear that despite its cover shooting mechanics, it’s not a cover shooter – just as important as the weapons you use are the supernatural abilities at your disposal. Both function as equally important pillars of the struggle. Your abilities have a very short cooldown, and there is a reason for that – you should use them generously. Every time a skill becomes usable, choose an enemy or group of enemies who pose a greater threat than the others and let go of your powers. Higher tier enemies, in particular, are best fought with their skills rather than relying entirely on normal weapons.



Given the usefulness of Outriders’ bombastic abilities, one might not believe that melee attacks are even the slightest bit useful – but they are not. While melee attacks are certainly (and obviously) nowhere near as useful as skills and shooting enemies directly in the face, melee attacks are also of great importance. From special effects to interrupting enemy attacks, melee moves can often come in handy in a pinch. While ignoring melee attacks is almost complete for many shooters, it is definitely not the case with Outriders.



Outriders has many systems that play with each other just below the surface, allowing you to experiment with your character in different ways and create the kind of character you want. Which mods you’ve equipped is one of the many ways you can influence that. From buffs to new skills to improving existing ones, these can be incredibly useful. Think carefully about what type of build you are creating, what skills you want to use in combat, what play style you have and equip weapon and armor mods accordingly. They can make a pretty significant difference.



Given that Outriders is, of course, RPG, you’ll wonder if you can stack mods to amplify the effects of one you really like – well and no. While you can’t stack multiple mods of the same type, different types of mods can have the same or a similar effect, and you can equip multiple of them at the same time, which means you can still stack their effects. So, if you’re looking to build a character whose abilities do massive AoE damage, be on the lookout for mods that specifically boost AoE attacks.



Picking up every little piece of loot you come across can be a pretty tedious exercise for looters, but Outriders has a pretty ingenious (and simplified) quality of life feature that cuts a lot of that boredom out of the car. Gathering feature that does exactly what its name suggests and picks up any loot you automatically come across once activated. Then, of course, you could fear that you will be picking up everything, even crap, and that your inventory will soon be flooded with useless items. Well, you can also tweak the automatic gathering and set it to only pick up loot from certain rarities. This is just as useful, if not more useful, especially as you progress through the game.



Dismantling weapons, armor, and equipment goes hand in hand with playing a game of loot. You’re always on the hunt for better stuff, which means you’ll never stick with one piece of gear for too long and, given the amount of new stuff you keep finding, you’ll be throwing old stuff away pretty regularly. Well, there is a smart way of doing this in Outriders. Instead of disassembling everything that you don’t need, it is best to stick to useless, common and unusual pieces of equipment. The degradation leads to rather disappointing results. Hence, it is best to sell them with vendors instead. In the meantime, any rare and epic loot that you no longer need is best disassembled for resources and often even mods.



“Don’t ignore the side quests” is pretty general advice that can be applied to almost any game out there, but seriously – in Outriders, don’t ignore the side quests. You will of course be on the lookout for legendary level loot all the time and guess what is the best way to earn legendary loot, yes the side quests. Unless you’re here for the story, it really isn’t wise to ignore the side quests. Go see it whenever you can, and once you find one, adopt it as soon as you can.



Don’t just do side quests – do them over and over again. Sanding down side quests is possibly one of the best ways to farm not only legendary gear but XP as well. Side quests can get you pretty high sums of XP (although the amount of XP you get will of course depend on which side quests you’re tackling). What is interesting is that a large number of side quests in the game are quite short and can be completed very quickly. This means that they are a great way to level up your character quickly and earn some pretty cute loot in the process. All of this means that farming side quests are a great way to speed up your progression. So keep an eye out for them.



It’s not just you who can unleash deadly storms of supernatural abilities on your enemies – in Outriders you will often come across enemies that you are only too happy to strike with your own abilities and skills. However, you often have the option to interrupt this. While an enemy is preparing to cast a particular skill, a magic bar may appear over them. If you hit him with interruption skills before the bar is full, then, as you might have guessed, you can prevent him from unleashing those skills. When deciding what skills your character should have, it is best to always have at least one (or preferably two) interrupt skills in your arsenal.



Outriders has many ways that you have a great deal of control over how you want to build and evolve your character – from gear to mods to the skills you use and more. Given the wide variety of the game, it goes without saying that you will often come across enemies or roadblocks that the character you built won’t cut it against. If this happens, or if you just feel like changing things up and trying something completely different, don’t worry – you can always restart Outriders and start over. In fact, it is recommended that you keep this option in mind at all times. In certain situations it can be a game changer.