Outriders – How to Get More Ammo

in the OutriderSkills are the star of the show. Good old bullets, however, still play their part in combat. Skills are on cooldowns; Bullets are not.

While guns don’t have to worry about watching timers before firing another shot, they’re not bottomless lead shafts (with the exception of sidearms). With the opposition tirelessly pushing forward and powerful abilities waning, how can one continue the fight without ammunition filling the heaviest flapping weapons?

How to get more ammo

Ammunition can be obtained from two sources: small pickups and fully-filled containers. The former can be found on the ground after defeating enemies. Occasionally, enemies will drop ammunition on death. The pickup can be found by looking for a small three-bulleted icon (see below).

Of course, adding just a handful of bullets to a completely empty weapon is not ideal. It is best to charge the maximum allowable capacity. A full replenishment can be done on chests highlighted in blue, scattered across levels, and in warehouses. They can be found by looking for the same three bullet icon on the minimap. Once you find it, hold down the Command Prompt and it will populate all of the weapons.

Now you can get back into the fight without fear of running dry (at least for a little longer).

Outriders is for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia available.

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