Outriders – Access to the Hell’s Rangers content pack

Outrider is officially here, meaning it’s time to venture into the hostile world of Enoch and unravel its secrets. And there’s no reason your overpowering human can’t get through the adventure in style.

The Hell’s Rangers Content Pack contains specially designed equipment, weapons, and customizations to make the upcoming trip a little more eye-catching. At least in a gritty way like Mad Max. The DLC is free to those who either pre-ordered Outriders or bought the first day of play. Don’t worry if you haven’t chosen any of these routes. The add-on content can be purchased separately for $ 6.99 anytime after launch.

Before you rush immediately to secure the special goods, note that the weapons and equipment supplied are locked up to level 10.

How to access the Hell’s Rangers content pack

For eligible players, the Hell’s Rangers Content Pack is available in the player’s inbox. The inbox is in the hideout, a storage box shared by all characters and found in each warehouse.

The first camp players will settle in Rift Town. Go to the hideout indicated by a double lock box icon. Interact with the stash and go to the inbox. Here you can find the complete set elements associated with the Hell’s Rangers content pack.

The following items can be retrieved from the inbox:

  • SMG from Earthborn Renegade
  • Earthborn Apostate Assault Rifle
  • LMG from Earthborn Renegade
  • Earthborn Renegade’s BAR (bolt action rifle)
  • Rifle of the earthborn renegade
  • PAS (Pump Action Shotgun) from Earthborn Renegade
  • Earthborn Apostate’s twin cannon
  • Auto Shotgun from Earthborn Renegade
  • Earthborn Renegade’s ASR (automatic sniper rifle)
  • Pistols of the Earthborn Apostate
  • Revolver of the Earthborn Renegade
  • Earthborn renegade mask
  • Earthborn Renegades Jacket
  • The pants of the earthborn renegade
  • Earthborn gloves of the renegade
  • Boots of the Earthborn Apostate

The rest of the Hell’s Rangers items are given to the player by default and can be found in the customization menu. The following items can be applied from the relevant submenus:

Vehicle customization

  • Cerberus front bumper
  • Cerberus Hood
  • Cerberus trailer
  • Cerberus rear bumper
  • Cerberus hubcap

Banner customization

  • Burden flagpole of the nihilist

Outriders is now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia available.

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