Outrider – How to Travel Fast

Outrider extends over several areas on the enemy planet Enoch. The expedition of the protagonist and the crew takes them everywhere and marks their discovered places by planting explorer flags.

During these trips, there may be times when the player wants to take a short trip back to the base or quickly get closer to a side quest objective. Fortunately, Outriders has implemented a fast travel system so that the player can easily move around previously explored locations.

How to travel fast

Refer to the Explorer flags above for information on how to travel quickly. You are the key to becoming a mechanic. Established camps receive an Explorer flag by default. Additional flags can be planted in predetermined areas on each map and displayed as semi-transparent flag models until the player interacts with them.

Approach the explorer flag and press and hold the indicated key to travel. A map of the area will be displayed on which any explorer flags stuck in the ground can be selected. Hover the mouse pointer over the destination and press and hold the travel button.

Fast travel can also be used through the return points that are sometimes found at the end of missions. These floating golden Outriders symbols are only available for one direction. So collect loot before you leave. Using auto loot is one way to make sure nothing is left behind.

Also, keep in mind that traveling fast requires voting when playing co-op. If someone on the team votes against fast travel, it will not be initiated.

Outriders is now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia available.

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