Outrider – How to transfer equipment and weapons between characters

Outrider has four classes and players are encouraged to try them all out. Several characters must be created for this, as the class selection cannot be changed after it has been specified in the prologue.

Given how much loot the player is showering in Outriders, at some point items will be picked up that would serve another character better. We’ll show you how to transfer these elements to alternate characters.

How to transfer equipment and weapons between characters

Transferring items between characters is initiated in the Player Stash, an account-wide shared inventory area. The hideout is in established camps like Rift Town and Eagle Peaks and can be found via the double lock box icon on the minimap.

Interact with the hideout and go to the Backpack tab. The “Backpack” section shows all of the weapons and armor currently held by that particular character. Highlight the item that you want to transfer. Click on “Move to Hiding Place”.

Now return to the lobby and switch to the character the equipment is intended for. Take this character to the nearest hiding place and access the box again. Instead of going to Backpack this time, stick to the Hide tab. Highlight the item you want and choose Remove.

Now the characters have officially exchanged goods and can continue their journey better equipped.

Outriders is now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia available.

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