Outrider – How to Heal

Outriders presents a violent and ruthless planet that will even tear the overpowering protagonist apart on this occasion. As with any other game, the goal is to keep players’ health above zero while completely exhausting the health gauge associated with the enemy. Easy enough right?

It is like this until the player starts watching that beautiful green health bar fall into red. How exactly do you heal in Outriders with no health packages in sight?

How to heal

The only way to heal completely is by engaging in a fight. People Can Fly designed Outriders to be played aggressively. It’s a concept that players must adopt quickly if they are to survive because their opponents are sure to have established the mindset.

As mentioned, there are no medkits on the battlefield that can be picked up for a boost. The first third of the health bar is regenerated if no damage is taken for a short period of time. However, this is nowhere near enough to measure up to some of the game’s formidable villains. Instead, kills create health. The more death was treated, the more life was gained.

The simple slaughter of Enoch’s hostile beings without considering the approach does not lead to the desired results. Each class heals when kills are performed under certain conditions. Study them so that you are prepared for these dire moments.

Devastating: Enemy kills at close range restore health

Scammers: Enemy kills at close range restore health and shield

Technomancer: All damage caused will be partially returned as health

Pyromancer: Enemies marked by killed abilities restore health

The types of kills required to mend wounds play a direct role in the structure of the classes. Stick to class strengths and the healing should come in faster than the enemy can deal damage.

Outriders is now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia available.

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