Outrider: How to Farm Titan

Outrider is not a game with many resources to collect, but the ones you need like the infamous ones titanium, sure are practical. Materials primarily used for certain weapon upgrades can be found by exploring the world or dismantling weapons and equipment. Since titanium is rather rare, it is important to know how to get it and how to farm it (see the bottom of this article).

How to get and manage Titan in Outriders

There’s never a point where you’ll tell yourself you have enough titanium. Rare, Epic, and Legendary pieces of equipment require this special ingredient to be powered and updated. So you have to look for it all the time. It can be found in a number of ways, which we’ll explore here.

  • First and foremost, titanium in Outriders can be effortlessly acquired by simply disassembling your gear. Epic and Legendary items in particular can provide this material whenever they are split. At first you won’t really feel the urge to disassemble Legendaries, but as you progress through the game and collect more and more, you will find yourself in a situation where you will actually have to disassemble them to get quality ingredients.
  • Higher level enemies also have a chance to drop some Titan. So keep looting everything that is dropped by everyone in the overworld and missions.
  • Of course, ore veins have a chance to give you some titanium too, especially in plateaus. So make sure you break down every single one of them.
  • While not an agricultural method, it does contain a small amount of instant titanium. Every time you increase your world level, after level 9 you will immediately receive a specific item. While not available in large numbers, it does help a bit with the rest of your farming in Outriders.

Best way to grow titanium

As you can see, titanium can be found in many ways, but only one is the most efficient of them all. Walking around looking for ore veins is actually not recommended as they can be very far apart and are based on ring and luck. Because of this, the best way to grow this ore is to first level up your world level as much as possible until you can complete side missions with ease or minimal effort, but within a level of at least 9.

Then find a side mission that will ensure that at least one or two elite enemies spawn. Complete the mission, of course, and just repeat it as often as you want right afterwards. You want to look for a side quest that is the most convenient to use your setup, which is why we’re not suggesting a specific one.

Elite enemies tend to drop Titan at higher world levels, and not only that, but within these missions you will find a ton of gear that can be disassembled for extra income and kills two birds with one stone. Therefore, this method is the best for actually growing titanium later in the game.

Outrider is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Google Stadia. For more information on the game, see official site here.

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