Outrider – How to Earn Class Points

So much for your experience in Outrider is based on your class, which is also controlled by how many Class points you have. These are an important part of the game’s level-up system and offer players the opportunity to adapt their character to the desired gaming experience. But since they’re so important, it’s pretty surprising to see how rarely players get these valuable items. To help new players plan their character, here’s a quick rundown of how to get class points in Outriders.

How to get class points in outriders

Class credits are an integral part of the Outriders level-up system. So it makes sense that you get them when you reach a new level. A lot of in-game activities will reward you with XP. Completing quests and killing enemies is the best way to get more XP. However, keep in mind that the world tier level doesn’t change how much you get. When you get enough, you rise. Once you do that you can go into the class tree menu and find a new class point to spend. In total, players can receive up to 20 class points per character that they have in the game. Once you have them, you may be wondering what to do with class points in outriders. So read on to find out.

What to do with class points

Class points are used in the skill tree menu to level up and customize your character. Anyone you spend can unlock or upgrade an ability, affect the way you play, and make you more effective on the battlefield. Choosing which skill to use a class point on may feel daunting, but there is no reason to be stressful. You can completely reset your class points at any time and reuse them as you wish. Have you focused too much on poison damage for your technomancer and now you don’t like it anymore? Just choose to reset the skill tree and you can repeat everything as you wish. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost you anything. So do whatever you want until you have a character that works well for you.

And this is how you get Class Points and what to do with them in Outriders.

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