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Outriders is the latest action RPG to be released by Square Enix, and while it is taking the gaming world by storm, it appears to have a lot of problems on day one Server status be a little blurry and unstable. The team behind this new title are working behind the scenes 24/7 to troubleshoot performance and server issues. If you want to stay up to date on server status and any known issues in the game, check out how below.

How to check the server status in Outriders

The Twitter page of the game is already full of updates and official announcements regarding Outrider’s server status and performance-related issues, and the list continues to grow. While many players find themselves in the uncomfortable position of constantly complaining about People Can Flu, the team is already clear about everything and is trying to remedy everything.

The most noticeable problem is that from the start people have trouble logging into the game after jumping into the main menu. Additionally, after a while, the servers shut down completely, leaving everyone wondering what was happening. Although the issue was fixed in a short amount of time, there’s still a good chance it will recur as players keep mentioning that there are still connectivity issues with online matchmaking and even solo gameplay.

If you want to stay up to date every minute on Outrider’s server status, be sure to check this out You can find the status page of the game here. At the time of this writing, there appears to be a lot of monitoring in place for all of the above and other issues. Outriders uses a peer-to-peer connection for online multiplayer. This means that one player in a created lobby bears the weight of the rest of the team in terms of connection. Peer-to-peer is always a step below dedicated servers, which could be the reason why the new IP has so many problems from day 1 onwards. We can only wait and see how the team will improve the overall stability of the game and what fixes they put in place for such an instance.

Outriders is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia available. For more information on the game, see official site here.

– This article was updated on: April 1st, 2021

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