Outrider – dismantling of equipment and weapons

Outrider is to a large extent a looter, which means that the equipment will constantly flood the player. Weapons and armor of various rarities will fall regularly in the course of the Enoch adventure.

As with all other loot-based games, this gear will eventually become obsolete. In this case, armor and weapons can be destroyed. The resulting resources will be useful to those interested in the craft.

Disassembly of equipment and weapons

Weapons and armor will be removed from player inventory. Open the inventory screen and hover over the item that needs to be dismantled. Click on the Highlight option (right click on PC; right click on Consoles). After marking, an element can be disassembled by clicking on the Disassemble marked option in the lower right corner or by holding down the associated button / key.

Items can also be marked in large quantities by rarity using the “Mark All” option at the bottom right of the screen. For example, if you click on the green box, it will automatically mark all weapons and armor with an uncommon rarity.

The resources gained through mining are as follows:

  • Leather: dismantle armor parts
  • Iron: dismantling weapons
  • Titan: dismantle epic and legendary armor and weapons

The ability to quickly and efficiently remove all items under a certain rarity level will surely come in handy for those who plan to farm heavily in the endgame.

Outriders is now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia available.

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