Nier Replicant Update 1.03 Patch Notes

Update 1.03 is here for Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 … and here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch. This update mainly focuses on bug fixes for the PC version of the game on Steam, but the console versions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will continue to benefit from the bug fixes included in this patch. On PC, some of the game’s frame rate issues should be fixed and the game has been optimized for Geforce Experience. However, some freezing issues and other minor bugs have been fixed on all platforms. Everything here is new with Nier Replicant Update 1.03.

Nier Replicant Update 1.03 Patch Notes

There are currently no official patch notes for the console version of Nier Replicant Update 1.03, but details about the PC patch have been published by the developers. Here’s what the update fixes.

  • Frame rate / display problems
  • Optimization for Geforce Experience
  • Freeze game
  • Other minor bugs

Of course, the console versions won’t benefit from the fixes to PC-specific features like Geforce Experience, but all versions of the game should get the same stability updates and crash fixes for the most part.

Nier Replicant version 1.22474487139 hasn’t received too many updates since it was released in late April, and players have not encountered too many issues with the game outside of the PC version. The Steam version of the game had some bugs related to high frame rates and other issues, but hopefully these will be fixed with the latest patch.

Nier Replicant ver 1.22474487139 is a wonderful way to experience the cult classic JRPG that not many people got to play when it was first released over a decade ago. In our Nier Replicant review we said: “Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 … offers a beautifully melancholy tale that is equally heartbreaking and heartfelt, and which is well worth experiencing.” whether you liked Nier Automata, and it’s also a great place to start if you’ve never played either game.

Nier replicant see 1.22474487139 … is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.