The next Batman game is a new IP that is non-Arkham possibly confirmed by a new leak

It seems that the Batman Arkham franchise can be done. Of course, Batman: Arkham Knight was supposed to be the grand end of the series, but the video game industry rarely let a hit die, and rumors of a new Arkham game have been going on for years.

However, those rumors have changed recently: As we reported a few weeks ago, there are now rumors that the new Batman game is under construction in Warner Bros. Montreal gives up batman Arkham name and its continuity in favor of an easy restart.

Note that they specifically say they are working on a new IP address. Take it all with a grain of salt if needed, but restart rumors seem legitimate. So, besides being a new IP, what do we know about the new Batman game? Well, nothing official, but rumors were that WB Montreal would focus heavily on the “Bat family”, including Damian Wayne, and showcased The Court of Owls as its main villains. By experts, this will remain the case for the restored Batman game.

Should the Next Batman Arkham Game Be a Reboot or a Sequel?

WB Montreal is rumored to be making the new batman Arkham game, and it’s worth speculating whether it’s going to be a reboot or a sequel

Although it’s still not clear when the upcoming Batman Arkham game from WB Montreal will be released, it’s incredibly clear that the superhero game is on its way. Among the countless leaks surrounding the villain Court of Owls who heads the Batman Gallery, some official excitement from Warner Bros. , It appears that the next iteration of the popular franchise is in progress. The most interesting thing is that the seemingly not yet open title game is very open to changing the tried and tested formula that the Arkham franchise has been operating since 2009.

One of the biggest rumors surrounding these changes is that the upcoming Batman game will be a simple reboot rather than a direct continuation, and many assume that the title will attempt to break away from the original triple narration that has been criticized by Rocksteady. For many, the reboot looks like the perfect track, although it seems like a large portion of the series’s biggest fans are skeptical of leaving the story created by Batman Arkham Asylum and City and Knight

A Batman Arkham Reboot

In fact, it makes sense for WB Montreal to seek a smooth restart rather than a full sequel. As many will undoubtedly know, full admission to the only test in franchise so far has been Batman Arkham Origins; easily the lowest and often criticized headline in the series so far. The package was rejected by many fans for being a fairly new inconsequential entry for Canon, not reinforcing many really stressful systems of franchising, providing a story that did not provide new access to the Arkham universe.

If this is the case, there are so many Batman traditions that it can perfectly fit into the Arkham franchise that gives him the distance from the end of the Arkham Knight story. The futuristic Gotham Beyond shape in Batman Beyond could be a very desirable and incredible model for resetting. Not only is he a totally different interpretation of Gotham from that presented in most of Batman’s traditional stories, but it will also provide a new hero and roster of villains, while giving plenty of space to the basic numbers to return the universe to a marble

A True Batman Arkham Knight Sequel

The other direction could follow Batman’s allies, seeing them trying to fill the space the Crusader Cape left behind and possibly fighting to find out who would take over this scarf. However, it could be a great attraction sequel to the players, and many hope to discover how to solve many of the major puzzles of Arkham Knight in the years following their events. Since nearly half a decade had passed since the Rocksteady trilogy ended, there was enough time for fans to overcome their initial fatigue of franchise and perhaps become more interested in a different study idea.

Batman Arkham: Reboot Or Sequel?

The question is whether the completely new reboot or sequel is the best title for the franchise. In fact, it is exactly how WB Montreal chooses to do this. If the plan is an easy reboot, which appears to involve recent leaks, it would be wise to go ahead and move the chain to Batman Beyond. If, as many fear, he completely ignored the end of Knight and served as a precursor, there are many possibilities for fans to discover that he has not had the same tension or discord as a story without a pre-determined outcome.

Batman Arkham New Game Leaked Art Showcases Batcycle

The next entry in the Batman Arkham series may include Batcycle, among other vehicles, according to a new leak that has surfaced online.

The filtered new concept art for Batcycle was originally created for a Damian Wayne game that has been rumored to have been canceled a while ago. According to the leak, many of the features created for the canceled game will enter the new Batman Arkham game, and it is likely that Batcycle is among them.

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