New retro games for Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online Services subscribers can look forward to. The NES and SNES emulators, which are free for payment customers, are given new feed. As of February 19, the following games will expand the retro range:

These are certainly not the most legendary of all games, but add a few more great classics to the range. You can play the Nintendo Entertainment System as well as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as long as you have a running Nintendo Switch Online subscription, after which you no longer have access to the offer.

New retro games for Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

With the subscription, Nintendo offers a paid membership that offers an extra service for ambitious players. In addition to the NES and SNES emulator mentioned above, members also receive a storage data cloud to securely save savegames online. You also get access to the smartphone app, which you can use to use voice chat. Members can also buy the Nintendo Switch Game Coupons , which can be exchanged for selected games. The coupons are available in a double pack for EUR 99.00 – however, they can also be used individually. With every purchase, subscription holders collect gold points and get a 5% discount on all purchases in Nintendo eShop.

The Nintendo Switch online subscription costs:

  • 3.99 a month
  • 7, 99 for 3 months
  • 19.99 euros for 12 months
  • 34.99 euros for 12 months in a family package (8 accounts)

Retro gamepad

For the right retro feeling, Nintendo also has the right controller for your switch (also only for Nintendo Switch Online customers):

  • Original NES controller
  • Original SNES controller

This of course has its price. For SNES you pay around 30 euros per controller in the Nintendo Shop, the NES version comes in a double pack for around 60 euros. This also means: quick access, as they are always sold out (limited to 4 pieces per account). 

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