NBA 2K21 prelude should be announced later this week! Whats New ?

A rumor recently appeared on Twitter’s NBA 2K account on Twitter, as the NBA 2K21 pre-release date will be announced later this week. 2K Games has not confirmed this yet!

The release date for NBA 2K21 Prelude will be announced sometime this week, although 2K Games have clearly said nothing. We hope there will be a true essence of truth for the masses.

The Covid-19 epidemic has caused devastation to large numbers of game developers as they find ways to keep their employees safe. This did not result in some game delays, and FIFA 2021 only received a teaser last week.

Many other video games with annual releases have similar issues, and the NBA 2K series appears to be one of them, unless the rumors are true. We haven’t seen anything about NBA 2K21 this year, and it’s approaching the time when these types of games are released naturally.

So far, we haven’t heard about 2K games related to NBA 2K21, although time is slowly approaching when these games are launched.

This year, it’s important for these games that they not only have games for this generation, but also for the next generation, i.e. PS5. Like the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, they will be released later this year.

Of course, we don’t really know if the rumor is true until 2K Games confirms it. For more information and latest updates stay tuned with BreakingameNews.

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