Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find Light Crystals

Light Crystals are a rare material in Monster Hunter Rise that some players require very early in the game. You will need a light crystal if you want to craft the full set of Kulu-Ya-Ku armor, and many more crafting recipes will require this rare gem. As the name suggests, it may come from mining areas where other ores and crystals are collected, but they can only be found in one specific location. However, once you know where to find them, it is very easy to get as many as you need. This is where you can find crystals of light in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to find crystals of light in Monster Hunter Rise

There are light crystals only in the flooded forest. This area cannot be entered until you have unlocked the 3-star village quests. Once the area is unlocked, crystals of light can be harvested from the many mining outcrops dotted around the area.

Since you will likely need some of them, it is best to take an expedition tour into the flooded forest so that you can collect as many crystals of light as you want. Light crystals can be harvested from any mining culture, but the rarer white mining outcrops have a higher chance of dropping them. Blue mining outcrops still have the option to drop the item, but reward more abundant materials.

Here are some of the most common mining areas for light crystals in the flooded forest.

  • Between area 6 and 7
  • Between area 10 and 11
  • Between area 8 and 9
  • In the southeast corner of the area

Mining outcrops are usually in high areas. So use the wirebug to climb cliffs. Mining cultures will also reappear fairly quickly. After harvesting all four mining outcrops in the area, if you still do not have the materials you need, repeat your route.

Since the light crystal is a rare drop, it is a good idea to improve your collecting skills in every possible way. Some food skills increase your chances of obtaining rare material or even increase the respawn rate of mining outcrops and other gathering points. So be sure to visit the canteen before embarking on an expedition tour. Certain pieces of armor, such as the leather set, also have unique abilities that will increase your collecting efficiency. So visit the forge and craft gathering gear if you really want to store a ton of rare materials.

Also, keep an eye out for boulder lizards as you explore the flooded forest. Endemic life and other small creatures can be found all around the area in Monster Hunter Rise, and these boulder lizards actually have a chance to drop crystals of light when you interact with them.

Once you have light crystals, you can make some good early game items in the forge. They’re used in some really great armor sets and weapon upgrades, so it’s a good idea to have at least some on hand for future upgrades.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on Nintendo Switch. A PC version of the game is slated to be released in 2022.

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