Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find Gargwa Eggs

There is only one type of quests that have been fun in the Monster Hunter series and never Monster Hunter Rise This trend continues with the infamous Gargwa eggs. We are, of course, talking about the delivery of eggs in our warehouses, which is without a doubt one of the most tedious activities you can do in the game. Veterans of the series know why, of course, but for the newcomers, see what we’re talking about below.

Where to find Gargwa Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise

What are Gargwa Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise? They are Gargwa creature dropping items as you can imagine, but they are not obtainable. Once dropped, you can take these and carry them to your camp for instant 200 Kamura points. That is its only purpose in terms of functionality, but in reality, you will most likely be collecting these for a specific task.

On the “Egg Idea” quest, go out and collect two of these eggs to unlock a new hammer design. Bring back two eggs and you’re done. While it’s an easy task, it’s both boring and annoying if you’re not careful. You’ll need to pick up these eggs and run back all the way to your camp to put them in the blue box right next to the tent. It doesn’t matter what quest you are on, but an expedition to the shrine ruins is recommended to do it at your convenience.

After starting your mission in Shrine Ruins, you will have to follow the huge river and waterfalls on the left side of the map. A lot of Gargwa spawn there, usually from Region 2 to Region 13. They are in more places on the map, but these are the quickest to get to, with the easiest route back to camp. Check out the picture above to see where exactly my hunter is while you loot the egg.

In order for the item to fall at all, you have to surprise a Gargwa by attacking him. From what I’ve seen, attacking them head-on is not enough, as this way they barely drop an egg. However, if you sneak in from behind and attack unnoticed, Gargwa Eggs are sure to fall very often. Even if you attack them with gestures like shadowboxing, this counts as a hit and they drop an egg every time.

After taking the egg, you’ll need to get it back to your warehouse intact. Here are some tips to help you get it back safely:

  • Do not press ‘Y’ as the hunter will drop the egg to the ground.
  • Don’t run out of stamina as the gargwa eggs will be dropped if so.
  • You don’t drop your eggs when you run.
  • Using the wirebug also makes sure you don’t drop the eggs, which makes it a great move to move quickly while holding an egg.
  • You can run and jump along the river and waterfall as well, but make sure to use your wirebug before you hit the bottom. If you don’t, the egg will break into pieces. This is a great way to use that shortcut and then just walk to your base.
  • Do not let any creature attack you as the egg will be dropped.

Repeat this process twice and you will complete the quest. If any of the Gargwa eggs broke during your run to the base, you’ll need to go back and find a new one. Hopefully this quick guide will help you deliver those pesky eggs as easily as possible.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

– This article was updated on: March 30th, 2021

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