Monster Hunter Rise Tips – All the silk weave and switch skills and choosing the best weapon

Check out all the new skills and find out which weapon suits you best.

Monster hunters rise

Monster Hunter Rise mixes up the classic formula by introducing new Silkbind attacks. These rely on the Wirebug to make certain movements, and as such they share a cooldown with the same. Along with Silkbind attacks, however, there are various switch abilities that provide an alternate move in this slot. For example, the Great Sword’s Tackle can be swapped out for Guard Tackle, a slower tackle used to protect against attack before moving on to a True Charged Slash.

Check out the various Silkbind and Switch capabilities in the Arekkz Gaming video below. It’s also worth mentioning the different weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. As in previous games, there are 14 archetypes to choose from. There isn’t really a best weapon in the game – it all depends on your play style and how you want to approach the hunt. Regardless, you can succeed with any type of weapon if you know how to use it properly.

Here’s a quick rundown of each weapon and what styles of play best suit them.

  • Long Sword – Great combos and exceptional damage, as well as decent counterattacks. The long sword can perform different movesets and is relatively easy to learn.
  • Dual Blades – Fast attacks and extraordinary evasion. The Dual Blades are for those who prefer hit-and-run tactics over defense. Excellent for elemental damage and status building due to its fast attack speed.
  • Hunting Horn – Often referred to as a “support weapon”, the Hunting Horn can deliver buffs while dealing heavy damage and KOs at the same time. The changes in Rise make it easier to record and manage than before.
  • Charge Blade – Perhaps the most complex weapon in the game. The standard shape of the Charge Blade is a sword and shield. It can transform into an ax and, when its vials are full, start a powerful discharge attack. Great for a wide variety of play styles, but takes a while to master.
  • Sword and Shield – A well-balanced weapon that can be aimed at DPS, defense, support, etc. The main advantage is being able to use items without wrapping the weapon.
  • Hammer – Heavy blows, but still good posability. The hammer is capable of getting combos and knockout hits. Perfect for those who want to take down monsters and do great damage.
  • Switch Ax – A transforming weapon that offers mobility and good damage in ax mode and a little less mobility but even more damage in sword mode. Sword mode can also deliver explosions with elemental discharge for large blast damage.
  • Insect Glaive – A Glaive with incredible posability and a kinsect that can be used to target individual parts of a monster and receive buffs that improve the Glaive’s combos.
  • Great Sword – Slow agility but delivers heavy, charged blows that require timing for exceptional damage. Also has some decent damage reduction skills thanks to his tackle.
  • Lance – The lance is the most powerful shield in the game and can block almost any attack and perform powerful counterattacks. While it doesn’t have the best portability, it’s exceptional for those who prefer a more tanky style of play.
  • Gunlance – Offers a great defense option like the Lance, but also great damage with its explosive grenades. The Gunlance also has Wyrmstake, which deals blast damage to a monster, and stronger mobility options thanks to new abilities in Rise.
  • Bow – A ranged weapon that uses different coatings for different types of arrows. Consistent damage and varied options, plus good mobility, although there is a lack of defense.
  • Light Bowgun – Another ranged weapon that must be reloaded after a set number of shots. Thanks to its ammunition types, it offers good mobility and a wide variety of options. Can also cause severe explosion damage.
  • Heavy Bowgun – The Heavy Bowgun is the highest damage range option and can remotely offset serious pain thanks to loaded shots and types of ammunition such as cluster bombs. New abilities in Rise provide counterattacks and greater mobility.