Monster Hunter Rise: Lucky Effect Explained

A new player in the world of Monster Hunter Rise In any case, many questions are brought to the table, one of which is just that Happy Skill that you will discover later in the game. Even if you weren’t a beginner, this question would still worry you as the skill itself doesn’t really explain how it works in detail. If you want to find out, take a look below as we will explain everything you need to know.

What does the Fortunate Effect do in Monster Hunter Rise?

The specific ability is found very late in the game so why a Spoiler warning is required here. If this is not possible, please read on at your own discretion.

Luck is an armor skill that can be activated when you are wearing the full armor set from either of the game’s two bosses. The wind snake Ibushi and the thunder snake Narva, after being naturally beaten, provide their equipment so that we hunters can carry them in Monster Hunter Rise and continue to hunt them. When your set is fully worn, the Fortunate skill is unlocked, which in the description of the game briefly mentions what it does.

However, this information is very vague such that you will not be able to fully understand its full function and usefulness. Thankfully, it’s already researched and in order for us to explain it we need to go back a little bit to Monster Hunter: World and the other previous entries in the series. There was a skill in these titles called “Great Luck” or “Good Luck,” depending on which title you played. These had a chance to increase the loot you got after completing pretty much everything successfully, such as the amount of rewards you got from quests after chasing a monster.

This is exactly the case with Fortunate as well, as it appears to have the same exact effect. Although the additional chances it offers are not currently known, it has already been proven that this is the exact gimmick. The skill sounds tempting, but to be honest, it’s not worth getting in exchange for other more important skills and buffs. It takes the entire armor set of one of the two bosses, which doesn’t really fit the metagame as the rest of their skills are below par. That said, if this is your fancy then you can definitely give it a try. After all, it’s important to have fun and not have the best clear times for quests.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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