Monster Hunter Rise – List of village quests

Monster Hunter as a series has always been very search-based. You started in a central hub area and made your way from there to complete the tasks assigned to you. Monster Hunter Rise continues this trend with a number of different quests, some of which are single player and others are multiplayer. The Village Quests are the basic single player quests that you need to complete to advance the story, which are organized by level. There are plenty of them in Monster Hunter Rise so we’ve compiled a list of all of them available and what you need to do to complete them all.

List of village quests in Monster Hunter Rise

Level 1

  • Roly-Poly Lanterns (Key Quest)
    • Deliver 8 fire lanterns
  • Mushroom Frustrations (Key Quest)
    • Deliver 8 unique mushrooms
  • Unhappy Peons (Key Quest)
  • Help with maintenance

Level 2

  • Grizzly Glutton (Key Quest)
  • Plump and juicy (Key Quest)
    • Deliver 10 raft shells
  • A Frosty Paradise (Key Quest)
  • Cold Out (Key Quest)
  • Mad rabbit
  • Fall of the creepy crawly animals
    • Kill 14 Altaroth or Bnahabra
  • Hmm, not that tasty …

level 3

  • I can’t stomach the thought (key quest)
  • Walking on Egg Shells (Key Quest)
  • Fightin ‘Dirty (Key Quest)
  • Abominable Lord, Noxious Monster (Key Quest)
    • Hunt a Big Wroggi
  • Spongy Oasis (Key Quest)
    • Hunt a royal Ludroth
  • Supply Run (Get it from Yomogi, the cook)
    • Deliver 6 classic dango ingredients
  • Faceless enemy
  • The cactus diet
    • Deliver 10 balls of cactus
  • A Sandy Cabal
    • Kill 14 Jaggi or Jaggia
  • Breath of the past
    • Deliver 10 simple prisms
  • Ladies of the lake

Level 4

  • Infernal Lacrimosa (Key Quest)
  • Raging White-out (Key Quest)
  • The Queen’s Procession (Key Quest)
  • Stripe Stripes (Key Quest)
  • A Song of Red and Fire (Key Quest)
  • Out of your seesaw (Key Quest)
  • Getting the groceries back (from Yomogi, the chef)
    • Deliver 6 Secret Dango Ingredients
  • A toxic project
  • Deliver the liver
    • Deliver 5 Monster Guts
  • So hot it melts iron
    • Deliver 12 pieces of coal
  • The best search
  • Third wheel

Level 5

  • Wyvern Wind Speed ​​(Key Quest)
  • Electrifying Ephiphany (Key Quest)
  • Night Tracker (Key Quest)
  • Waltzing by moonlight (Key Quest)
  • Rathalos alert! (Key quest)
  • The Secret Ingredient (Get it from Yomogi the Chef)
  • BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz
    • Hunt a Khezu and a Somnacanth
  • Curious harassment
    • Hunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku and an Anjanath
  • The hottest around
    • Hunt a Tetranadon and a Volvidon

Level 6

  • Abominable snow animal
  • Thunderous voice
  • Twisted desire
  • A test of courage
    • Hunt Magnamelo and a Zinogre
  • Like a flash
    • Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi and a Mizutsune
  • King of Heaven, Curse of the Land
    • Hunt a Rathalos and a Tigrex

That’s a full list of all of the village quests found in Monster Hunter Rise. There are many other types of quests in the game, ranging from urgent quests to optional quests. These escalate into trouble the higher their level is. So be prepared and good luck with your graduation.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Also take a look at all the other guides that you can find here as well.

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