Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Sleeping Bag

One of the first ‘sac’ items you’ll find in Monster Hunter Rise, is the Sleeping bagwhich is required for obvious reasons. If you are looking to get your hands on some sleep-inducing weapons, this is the core material you need. It’s also very easy to farm early on, so let’s take a look.

How and where to find sleeping bag in Monster Hunter Rise

None other than the master tactician himself, the Big Baggi, is the monster that Sleep Sac drops almost at the beginning of your journey. As one of the first big monsters to appear in Monster Hunter Rise, the Big Baggi is an easy target and thankfully has a good chance of dropping this item.

If you look at the above picture and table you can see why the sleeping bag is easily available through this hunt. While there may not be any additional chances of catching the monster or the creature itself dropping it on the field, the others have more than a 24% chance of giving it to you. Breaking the Great Baggi coat of arms increases your chances of obtaining it by 30%. This makes the sleeping bag next to the Screamer Sac one of the easiest to obtain of its kind.

As mentioned earlier, this general material is used to craft or upgrade sleep focused weapons. Some pieces of armor will also require it, so there are certain builds that will require a couple of sleeping bags to prepare their gear. A sleeping monster is completely prone to an insane amount of damage by using the various barrel bombs from Monster Hunter Rise. Therefore, any sleep build-up is always welcome at a party. As such, you’ll craft yourself some cool looking tools to get monsters up and running night after night.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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