Monster Hunter Rise – How to Get More Friends

Monster Hunter Rise not only brought back the fans’ favorite Palicoes, it also introduced the brand new Palamutes as additional companions for your Hunter. While you can create one at a time the first time you start the game, that’s not all you are limited to in the game. You may be able to find additional friends to switch between while playing. You may not know how to do this early on. So this guide will explain how to hire additional friends in Monster Hunter Rise

How to get more friends

To begin with, you need to find the Buddy Plaza in Monster Hunter Rise, which is not right in the actual village. Check out our guide on how to find Buddy Plaza for more information on how to get there. Eventually, as part of the game’s story, you will be told that you need to find Iori the buddy handler, the character you see in the picture above. This character takes care of all things friends related. So you need to speak to this person first.

When speaking to Iori, you have a number of options including Hire, Scout A Buddy, Rename Buddy, and Dismiss Buddy. The first two are the ones you want to check out as they are both involved in choosing a buddy.

If you select “Rent” you will see the above screen with a number of Palicoes or Palimutes available for you to purchase immediately. These range in levels, equipped moves, and more so make sure you pick the right ones for you. They’re relatively cheap, so don’t expect anything crazy straight out of the game. This also doesn’t replace your existing buddy as you can have a bunch of friends that you can turn on and off at will.

If you choose “Scout a Buddy” instead, you will be asked exactly what type you are looking for, with options like coat color and most importantly, their support type, including things like healer, bombadier and the like. This will define what you are looking for so Iori can find just that for you. It’s not instantaneous though, so you’ll have to come back later when he finds some that match your criteria.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Also take a look at all the other guides that you can find here as well.

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