Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Kamura Tickets

Monster Hunter Rise’s The main story campaign isn’t that big, which is good as it is the first requirement to unlock the option of getting it Kamura tickets. These particular items are needed to create some really nice armor sets with excellent skills. However, they are not materials dropped by monsters. Below we’re going to take a look at exactly how you can get many of these.

How do I get Kamura tickets in Monster Hunter Rise?

As mentioned above, the first step in actually getting some Kamura tickets is to end the game’s campaign. We all know this is hardly the end of Monster Hunter Rise. In any case, this is achieved by defeating Magnamalo for the first time and unlocking 5 * village quests in the process. Immediately after you do this and roll the credits, Fugen the elder will be talking to you to run some errands.

The first side quest that he will offer is Kamura’s Craftsman, which requires you to complete 8 side quests. Note that if you have already completed 8 of them before this conversation, the task will run automatically. If so, speak to Grout again to start the next task.

The next one gets you into buddy scouting as you need to hire 15 of them in total. If you have proceeded with this instance before speaking to the elder, it will automatically complete.

Completing both quests will unlock two different armor sets for your hunter and one armor set for your Palico or Palamute. Finally, talk to Fugen again and he’ll be happy to give you some Kamura tickets, which opens up the option to get some now for the rest of the game.

As also explained in the in-game tutorial, you only need to complete Village Quests and Rampage Quests to get Kamura tickets. In most cases, Fugen will reward you with Kamura tickets after completing one of them, which makes purchasing these tickets virtually effortless. You will spend time completing these type of quests either way, so just for doing so will give you extra rewards.

Kamura tickets in Monster Hunter Rise are used to craft the above and other armor sets. They are therefore essential if you want to complete your collection. Take part in some Rampage quests with your friends. In no time you have as many as you need.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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