Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Fucium Ore

Monster Hunter Rise has many minerals that you can find and among the various ores it houses, Fucium ore is one of the rarest and higher tier materials in the game. As you’d expect, Fucium Ore is only found in high-level maps and is required for a whole range of weapons to upgrade them, as well as some pieces of armor. Below is how to manage this ore and its whereabouts.

How and where to find Fucium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

After achieving high level content in Monster Hunter Rise, a lot of previous materials will become less relevant and new ones will take their place. This is the case with Fucium Ore, which is pretty much mandatory if you want to reach the highest levels of your weapons.

The specific ore can be found in each of the high-level versions of the Flooded forest, Sandy Plains and Lava caves Cards. You can mine it from pretty much any mining outcrop in these areas, both blue and white. Therefore, it is not necessary to target specific ore deposits.

Since blue debris can be found in large numbers, it is usually recommended that you collect these as white appears to only be a handful on each card. Each of the three biomes work well for grinding Fucium Ore, but I personally prefer Sandy Plains because they are so grouped and easy to get to, or by farming the right side of the map in Lava Caverns. As always, make sure you have your geology level 3 skills before entering the map to increase the number of ores you will get per mine action. Good luck finding Fucium Ore.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

– This article was updated on: March 31, 2021

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