Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Bloodrun Gems

Aquaglow and Bloodrun jewels are needed in Monster Hunter Rise to create the all-important decorations that can be used in weapons and armor to improve your character’s skills. These are materials that were found as rewards after successful quests, but not every mission features the materials that we will look at in this guide, the Bloodrun Gems. To see exactly what type of quests some of these stones will give out, take a look below.

How to get Bloodrun Gems in Monster Hunter Rise

There are currently three ways you can get Bloodrun Gems in Monster Hunter Rise. All of them involve completing quests, of course, but what kind of quests can you ask?

First up, we have the high-level quests. Every HR quest 6 * and above that you have completed in the game has a chance of giving you some gems in the end if you complete them successfully. Bloodrun Gems can create some of the best decorations in the game, which is why it will take the most difficult of quests to get them.

Next, we have a method that is pretty similar to the one above, but we’re talking about a very specific task here where the very last boss of the game is your goal. We only mentioned this particular quest because it has the chance to throw multiple jewels at you at once, with the maximum amount reported so far being six. That said, if you want to farm a ton of it in a short amount of time, it’s the ideal way to keep beating the final boss over and over again. It might be tough, but hey, it’s the boss.

Finally, and most likely the easiest way of all, is to join the quests of other low-ranked hunters. LR Village quests don’t usually get you Bloodrun Gems, but if you join someone else’s hunt and help them defeat the monster, you will earn a single gem as a token of appreciation. As mentioned earlier, you can only get one gem this way. However, since you can complete the quest extremely quickly, this can be a decent way to collect some with minimal effort. If you prefer, be sure to use the “Accept via request to join” option. System, and jump straight into an ongoing LR quest to complete.

This gives us all the opportunities to get some Bloodrun gems in one place. As with many decorations that require these items, it’s hard to imagine someone not needing many of them. Hopefully the above guidelines gave you some insight on how to get them so have fun farming!

Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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