Monster Hunter Rise – How to find all Sandy Plains sub-camps

Sandy Plains is the third place you can travel to in Monster Hunter Rise. There are different ways to explore here. Two sub-camps are hidden somewhere you can find them. This guide will tell you how to find both of them and how to unlock them for access in the Sandy Plains from Monster Hunter Rise.

How to find all of the sub-camps in Sandy Plains

First sub-camp

The first sub-camp for Sandy Plains is not too far from the base camp. Start by going into zone 3 and you will see a number of vines to the north for you to climb. However, we want to climb the wall to the west instead. This can be done in two ways, either with the wirebug or by using the vines to the north to go up two levels and then jumping back down. As soon as you are on this hill, you will see a vine that you can climb on the upper west wall. This will take you directly to the sub-warehouse. So make sure you get the message “A suitable place for a sub-camp found” and return to the village.

When you return to the village speak to Kagero and he will give you another quest that you need to complete. This one tells you to kill eight Kestodon in the Sandy Plains, so do just that. Once you do this and report to Kagero, the first sub-camp for Sandy Plains will be available from there.

Second sub-camp

To find the second sub-camp in Sandy Plains, go to zone number nine and look south where there is a large mountain that you cannot climb in this area. Instead, head into the area towards Zone 8 from here and you will notice a triangular gap in the wall as shown in the image above. Go inside and you will find the second sub-camp. Just make sure you get the “discovered suitable place for sub-camp” and then come back from the quest.

When you get back to the village speak to Kagero as always and he will give you a list of the materials he will need to build the second sub-camp. Those materials he asks for are a Lacombi Pelt and two Monster Bone M, so turn them in if you have them or are looking for some and you’ll unlock the final Sandy Plains subdivision.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Also take a look at all the other guides that you can find here as well.

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