Monster Hunter Rise – How to find all of the lava cave sub-camps

The fifth and final area in Monster Hunter Rise is known as Lava Caverns, which is located around a huge volcano. In contrast to the previous level, Flooded Forest, which only had one sub-camp, there are two available in the last area that you can find and unlock. This guide will tell you where to unlock both of the sub-camps in the Monster Hunter Rise lava caves.

How to find all sub-camps of the lava caves

First sub-camp

Lava caves can be a bit confusing to navigate due to the different levels. However, start with zone 12. From there, look west and you should see a wall of wine to climb. When you do, you will see another wall of wine in the distance, heading north. So climb on it too. Now go north on this mountain being careful not to fall. This is especially the case at the end of the trail where you will find a large hole to fall into. As you make your way to the northernmost part of this upper path, you will be walking through the camp at the location shown in the picture above in this article. Just make sure you get the message “Discovered a suitable place for a sub-camp” and return to the village.

After you return to the village, talk to Kagero the merchant and he will give you a new quest. This quest asks you to kill eight urotor in the lava caves. Complete this quest for him. Return and then speak to Kagero again. You unlock the first sub-camp for the lava caves.

Second sub-camp

The second sub-repository is located near Zone 6 on the upper level. So start at base camp and take the vine north of Zone 1 to get to the upper level. Now head northwest and stay on this level. Eventually you will come across the area southeast of the sixth zone as shown in the picture above. All you have to do is go into that area and you should get a message saying “A suitable location for a sub-repository has been discovered”. Once you get this you can go back to the village.

As always, speak to Kagero when you return to the village and he will bring you the second sub-camp. He will tell you that he will need certain materials to build this one including a Tetranadon hide and two Monster Bone L. Make sure you receive all of these materials and return them to him and he will become the second sub-warehouse for lava caves unlock for you to use.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Also take a look at all the other guides that you can find here as well.

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