Monster Hunter Rise – How to find all flooded forest sub-camps

The fourth area in Monster Hunter Rise is known as the Flooded Forest, which is full of water as you might have guessed from the name. There are many interconnected rivers that you can find across the plain that offer plenty of room to explore. They actually start on the left side of the map. This is a change you’ve made so far in the lower center. There is also a sub-camp in the flooded forest that you can find. This guide will tell you where to find it.

How to find all flooded forest sub-camps

Some of the sub-camps are very difficult to find while others are a little easier to find. The only sub-camp in the flooded forest falls into the latter category, but it’s still not something that the size of the map can’t easily find. To find it, take the first non-water path to the left after exiting base camp.

This path takes you close to zone 10, but continues to follow this lower path northeast towards zone 11. Don’t go as far as zone 11, instead look for the area above with the vine on the small piece of aboveground. Take this vine and you are right in the sub-warehouse for Flooded Forest. Just make sure you get the message “A suitable location for a sub-camp found” and then return to the village.

When you return to the village, speak to Kagero as usual and he will ask you to complete another quest. He asks you to hunt and kill eight Wroggi in the flooded forest. As always, complete the search for him and he will unlock the new sub-camp for you.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Also take a look at all the other guides that you can find here as well.

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