Monster Hunter Rise: How to Beat Volvidon

Another of the Fanged Beast family, Volvidon is quite interesting and introduces stench status disease in Monster Hunter Rise. The hotel is in Lava Caverns for the first time and you hit that ball of rage. It sure makes an entrance and prepares you for what’s to come. We’ll see all about its features and weaknesses at the bottom of this guide.

How to beat Volvidon in Monster Hunter Rise

Volvidon has a lot to do with its physiology and moveset, which makes it a worthy opponent. Its body is surrounded by thick red armor, which makes it very resistant to lava and warm environments. That said, like many other armored animals, this makes it prone to explosion because its armor is unable to withstand many explosions.

Volvidon properties

  • Type: Fanged Beast
  • Threat Level: 4 *
  • Known habitats: Sandy Plains, lava caves

Volvidon’s weaknesses

  • Most vulnerable: Head, upper half, back
  • Elementary weaknesses: Water (primary), ice (secondary)
  • Status vulnerabilities: Stun, explosion, water rot

Volvidon overview

At first glance, Volvidon looks like a fiery creature, much like others in Monster Hunter Rise. That would be a wrong guess, however, as the Crimson Cannonball prefers to use status ailments to deal with their prey. That’s us hunters as we try to knock it down.

This monster uses its body a lot, rolls around the map, attacks without warning, generally does whatever it likes, and makes it difficult to predict its attacks. In addition, it has a very long tongue that it can use for mid-range surprise shots. If it happens to decide to fight remotely, it will literally spit on you with its electrifying saliva. This can paralyze you which is a very annoying disease in Monster Hunter Rise. So don’t let your guard down, even if Volvidon is further away from you.

While thrusts, rolling tackles, and tongue whips are the centerpiece of this giant ant eater, its trademark ability has yet to be debated. Which is its noxious gas produced when you are around, in an AOE radius. If you get hit by it, it can cause the stench debuff that will keep you from using items. This is so important that success or failure in a hunt can be decided. If caught in a pinch and unable to heal, it can lead to sudden K.Os.

The best way to counter this is to have lots of deodorants in your inventory. This is the item needed to get rid of Stench. So don’t hesitate to use them right away. Not being able to use any items at all when fighting a monster can be very dangerous. So make sure you are prepared.

Now that you’ve covered the entire Volvidon kit, you’re wondering how to deal with such an annoying monster. Water elemental weapons or explosive weapons are your friends here that will do excellent damage to the monster. Charging blades, heavy bowguns, and hammers are great for this fight, as they also have enough punch to keep Volvidon flinching and wearing down his thick skin and armor. Just be careful not to crush your attacks as Volvidon can easily interrupt you. Keep hacking his health until he’s tired enough to throw your large nukes, especially with the charging blade.

And so you can efficiently fight and beat a Volvidon. Not the toughest threat level 4 * monster, but certainly an annoying one. Don’t forget to stock up on healing items.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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