Monster Hunter Rise – How do I get to Buddy Plaza?

Monster Hunter Rise has a number of different locations that you can visit in the game as you complete the various quests available to you throughout your adventure. That doesn’t stop there though, as you have a hub made up of a few different areas that you can explore as well. You have the main village which is where most of the things are, but there are also a few other areas that you may need to check out. One of them is the Buddy Plaza, which you’ll have to find at some point in history, but actually this area can be a little tricky to find if you don’t know what to look for in Monster Hunter Rise.

How do I get to Buddy Plaza?

Once in the village’s hub, you can press + to bring up the menu and scroll to the last group of options called “System”. Then scroll down and select “Move Around Village”. When you do, you’ll see a number of locations including Steelworks, Village Entrance, and Buddy Plaza. However, the Buddy Plaza doesn’t just appear on this list that you can travel to until you actually visit it.

To find Buddy Plaza, go to the center of the village where you will have Hinoa the Quest maiden on your left and Kagero the trader on your right. The other method that will definitely get you exactly where we’re referring to is to move around “Move Around Village” and choose Steelworks.

After you get to this point you will have a building in front of you and a path to the left and right. To get to Buddy Plaza, we would like to take the path just past Kagero, where you will eventually see a bridge. Cross this bridge until you have the option to move by pressing A on the other end. This will load you directly into the Buddy Plaza for the first time and from this point onwards you will be activated for your quick travel options. This is also where Buddy Handler Iori is located, who you need to find in order to advance the game’s story at one point.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Also take a look at all the other guides that you can find here as well.

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