Monster Hunter Rise Boss Tips – How to Beat Great Baggi, Kulu-Ya-Ku, and Great Izuchi

Here’s how to mine your first monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise_02

Every monster hunter journey starts with killing the most basic monsters and slowly working your way up. In the case of Monster Hunter Rise, your first monsters are Great Izuchi, Great Baggi, and Kulu-Ya-Ku. Let’s break them down one at a time, starting with Great Izuchi.

The great Izuchi is weak to thunder and water, with its head and tail tip being the main fragile parts (which are prone to cut, impact, and gunshot damage). Ailments such as poison, paralysis, sleep, and exhaustion are also beneficial. Big Izuchi fights alongside two regular Izuchi who attack either together or separately.

All three are capable of spitting stones at the player, with Great Izuchi having a greater projectile distance. There is also a spinning attack to beware of, although they can often use regular tail whips as well. You’ll also need to watch out for the regular lunge – Great Izuchi will take a step back before doing one. So be careful.

A good time to pile up the damage is when its tail is easily buried in the ground. Otherwise, try isolating the smaller izuchi first. Stay mobile and avoid getting trapped between all three. Since this is your first hunt, Great Izuchi isn’t really going to bring you down on your knees for much health, so just learning the ropes is also a great way to do it.

How to Beat Great Baggi

Great Baggi is another Bird Wyvern, but the weakest against fire. It’s also prone to diseases like explosion, exhaust, and paralysis while being completely immune to sleep (you’ll find out why shortly). The head is its main part, with cut damage being most effective, followed by impact and subsequent gunshot damage.

The big Baggi will roar to summon his smaller minions who will immediately rush to the player. So stay mobile and take it down quickly. While Great Baggi can often use regular Baggi to help, their attacks are nowhere near as coordinated as those of Great Izuchi and his group. The great Baggi prefers to sit back and shoot watery projectiles that can induce sleep. The smaller Baggi can also add sleep with their attacks. So have some energy drinks ready to help you stay awake.

How to Beat Kulu-Ya-Ku

What would a Monster Hunter title be without the bird-brained Kulu-Ya-Ku? Its main elementary weakness is water, while all diseases have the same effectiveness against it. Most of all, focus on attacking the head.

If you’ve played Monster Hunter World, Kulu-Ya-Ku is more or less the same tactically. Jump attacks are used (which have a slight AoE so be careful) but can also easily attack the player with their beak. You may also notice it tumbling over while you wipe its claws. Kulu-Ya-Ku’s most important calling card is to pick up a small stone and use it to hit the player.

It is often recommended to attack the head from the side when holding the stone, as attacks will usually ricochet off it. But you can also hit the stone directly and break it. A timely blow to the head also causes Kulu-Ya-Ku to drop the stone. So keep that in mind.