Monster Hunter Rise: Best Weapons

There are 14 types of weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, from giant swords to literal instruments, but what are the actual ones best weapons for each of these guys? There are a multitude of different versions for each weapon in the game, which makes this a very difficult decision as there is also a lot of theoretical work involved. Fortunately, after a while of the game, we have enough data to judge ahead of time which weapons are literally the best in their respective fields.

Best weapons for every type in Monster Hunter Rise

The beauty of games like Monster Hunter Rise lies in the multitude of options you have when creating your characters. Armor, skills, decorations, mate skills, and of course, weapons are all things to consider when trying to create an endgame setup. While the term “best guns” can be very subjective, there are tools that work best by default compared to others.

Monster Hunter Rise has three types of weapons. “Raw” weapons, elemental and disease weapons. The first are those with no elemental or status attribute that hit the monster with raw damage, elemental are those that have been upgraded with any of the elements of the game, and disease weapons are those that can give a monster a negative status, such as poison and paralysis.

As of the current state of the game, elemental and raw weapons are considered the best, and many setups complement them perfectly. However, this depends on the weapon class. Dual Blades, for example, usually require a different tool for each element because they specialize in this and their damage is caused by multiple fast-hitting elemental bursts. Hammers and greatswords, on the other hand, can make the most of it with just a single, hard hitting raw weapon. Please note that all of this can change as MH Rise’s upcoming DLC ​​can easily affect any list here. That said, for now, here’s what the game features.

Best large sword weapons

Big swords need big numbers and don’t really care about a monster’s elemental weakness. Hence, raw greatswords are preferred, with Dark of Night being in the limelight due to its white sharpness. high attack and great affinity.

  • Darkness of night/ Nargacuga tree


  • Feud hornsword/ Devil tree
  • Abominable great sword/ Goss Harag Baum
  • Tigrex great sword/ Tigrex tree

Best long sword weapons

High affinity is a must for long swords as they attack quickly and perform special attacks with multiple hits. Again, Nargacuga’s weapon is the clear winner with a great affinity of 40% and white sharpness.

  • Deepest night/ Nargacuga tree


  • Eerie shadow sword/ Magnamalo tree
  • Despot boltbreaker/ Zinogre tree
  • Doom Bringer Blade/ Almudron tree
  • Squawkscythe/ Death stink tree

Best sword and shield weapons

The sword and shield are an extremely balanced, fast, and versatile weapon. However, since it lacks some hard hitting attacks in addition to its special abilities, elemental weapons are recommended for every type.

  • Fire
    • Djinn II / Rathalos tree
    • Grinding Flame Seeker / Anjanath Tree
  • water
    • Master Odyssey / Water Tree
  • thunder
    • Despot’s Crookbolt / Zinogre Tree
  • ice
    • Nardebosche / Barioth tree
    • Chopping Blade II / Goss Harag Tree
  • Dragon
    • Secta Unu Black / Bnahabra (dragon) tree

Best double bladed weapons

Double blades are similar to a sword and shield, meaning that they really shine when they reveal a monster’s elemental weakness. In this class, different double blades are the first choice for each element.

  • Fire
    • Twin Flames II / Rathalos Tree
  • water
    • Mud Twister / Almudron Tree
  • thunder
    • Despot’s Lightning / Zinogre Tree
  • ice
  • Dragon
    • Fortis Gran / Guild Tree 2


  • Angry Claws/ Felyne Tree
  • Night wing/ Nargacuga tree

Best lance weapons

Lance is quite versatile in that both raw and elemental weapons are equally viable. Because of the ease with which they can reach elemental caps, elemental lances are preferred when hunting.

  • Fire
    • Dawnbreaker Lance / Aknosome Tree
  • water
    • Kimi Ga Kiru / Mizutsune Tree
  • thunder
    • Despots Casophony / Zinogre Tree
  • ice
    • Abominable Lance / Goss Harag
  • Dragon
    • Azure Elder Spear II / Ibushi Tree
    • Rampage Spear IV / Rampage Tree


  • Diablo’s spear/ Devil tree
  • Night rain black/ Nargacuga tree

Best gunlance weapons

Gunlances have different types of fire, each with their own advantages. This results in three different gunlances being best for what they do.

  • Normal type of fire
  • Long shell type
  • Wide shell type
    • Mighty corn popper / guild tree
    • Devil cannon / devil tree
    • Admirals Arbalance / Ore Tree 2

Best hammer weapons

Hammers hit hard, and although they are chunky, they have an unexpected versatility that makes them viable for both elemental construction and raw damage.

  • Doom Bringer Hammer/ Almudron tree
  • Red Stick II/ Rathalos tree
  • Yadora Morte/ Death stink tree


  • Supernova/ Thunder Tree
  • Abominable hammer/ Goss Harag Baum

Best hunting horn weapons

The redesigned hunting horn became an extremely versatile weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, both offensively and as an auxiliary weapon. There are many different versions that are good for this class, so don’t hesitate to experiment a lot, but it seems to completely surpass the rest with its great capabilities, making it a single contender for the best hunting horn.

  • Excited rampage IV/ Rampage tree

Best Switch Ax weapons

When selecting the Speedrunners in previous titles, the Switch Axes were considered the best weapons in Monster Hunter for killing things quickly. Versatile and hard hitting, they have a few options to consider.

  • Eerie shadow disk/ Magnamalo tree
  • Azure Elder Ax II/ Ibushi tree
  • Fall dragon/ Dragon tree

Best blade guns

Difficult to learn, the attack blade is a destructive weapon that can unleash Hell from any monster on its path. Elemental variants don’t matter as long as we see large numbers of damage and large explosions.

  • Scream in the night/ Nargacuga tree
  • Immortal Blade II/ Rajang Tree (only with Dulling Strike)


  • Stunning ax/ Goss Harag Baum
  • Dragon song/ Dragon tree

Best insect glaze weapons

Insect Glaive users are masters of the sky, with a weapon that makes it easy to defeat monsters without even being hit. With so many hits landing on a monster, it’s hard to consider anything other than a high affinity, raw damage weapon, which makes the Nargacuga version literally the best Insect Glaive.

  • Evening silence/ Nargacuga tree

Best light bowgun weapons

Light bowguns, another versatile type of weapon, are a basic requirement for maintaining constant pressure on a monster. Many different weapons can be used here, but the following two are mainly used in the current metagame.

  • Magnamalo spread/ Magnamalo tree
  • night owl/ Nargacuga tree

Best heavy bowgun weapons

In contrast to Light Bowgun, the Heavy version is all about large nuclear weapons and relentless attacks. The weapons that are the best here are completely similar to this style of play.

  • Tigrex Howl II/ Tigrex tree
  • Despot’s paroxysm/ Zinogre tree
  • Ominous night/ Nargacuga tree


  • Eerie dread volley/ Magnamalo tree
  • Warrior Cannon II/ Barioth tree

Best arch builds

Arcs are fast, best suited for mid-range attacks, and can take advantage of both elemental and raw high-affinity builds. However, elementary versions are preferred because they are versatile.

  • Fire
    • Flaming Rage Bow / Anjanath Tree
  • water
    • Rampage Bow IV / Rampage Tree
  • thunder
    • Flying Kadachi Striker / Tobi Kadachi Tree
  • ice
  • Dragon
    • Azure Elder Bow II / Ibushi Tree


  • Night flight/ Nargacuga tree

That brings us to our list of the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Hopefully these can be a stepping stone for your builds and try out new tools that you weren’t familiar with before. Please note again that these can change slightly depending on what Capcom has in store for us with the following DLC ​​and of course can be subjective depending on your own play style and build. Definitely feel free to make any of the weapons above as it is the solid choice you have right now in Monster Hunter Rise. Happy hunting!

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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