Monster Hunter Rise: Best Skills

It’s easy to get lost with the amount of skills that exist in Monster Hunter Rise, but very round off best skills the game is surprisingly not that difficult to do. After understanding the basics of the game, you can easily distinguish what kind of skills your set will require and which to play around with. As you’d expect, there are some that are almost essential to being as efficient as possible, and we’re looking at exactly those skills in Monster Hunter Rise.

The best skills to look out for in Monster Hunter Rise

Since your weapon is a bow or a lance, or whatever you prefer, there are certain skills that can be used from pretty much any build, both melee and ranged. Additionally, finding the best skills in the game can be very subjective as skills are tied to the way someone is playing. Many weapon classes have different play styles, such as dual blades where you can go the totally offensive path or use stamina increase skills to dodge every single attack or have infinite stamina.

The amount of options in creating a setup is really absurd, but below we’re going to narrow down the key Monster Hunter Rise skills so you can bypass them and add your own flair to your character. Of course, these can change in the future depending on what Capcom would release as a DLC or an update, but for now, these capabilities are a surefire choice.

Offensive skills

  • Taking advantage of weakness
    • Increases the affinity of attacks that exploit a monster’s weak point
  • Critical boost
    • Increases critical hit damage
  • Attack Boost
    • Increases attack power
  • Critical eye
  • Fire / ice / thunder / water / dragon attack
    • Increases the respective attack power of the elements
  • Critical element
    • Increases elemental damage (fire, water, thunder, ice, dragon) when landing critical hits
  • Critical draw
    • Increases affinity for a short time after a draw attack (without Silkbind attacks)
  • Punishment education
    • Adds a stun effect to draw attacks and increases attack power slightly
  • Blast attack
    • Increases the attack power of the explosive elements
  • agitator
    • Increases attack power and affinity when large monsters get angry
  • stick
    • Increases attack power when your weapon is low in sharpness
  • Normal / Rapid Up
    • Increases the attack power of arrows of the type “normal ammunition” and “fast”
  • Pierce Up
    • Increases the attack power of piercing ammo and piercing arrows
  • Spread
    • Increases the attack power of Spread Ammon and Spread arrows
  • artillery
    • Boosts explosive attacks like grenades, wyverns fire, charge blade vial attacks, and sticky ammunition

Each of the above options are ranked as literally the best skills in terms of attack strength and ability to attack. You can’t go wrong with the ones mentioned here, but it should be noted that the ones you need the most in any set you create are the Weakness Exploit and Critical Boost. It doesn’t matter what your setup is, these two skills taken together will simply increase your damage significantly. With a few exceptions, this is not the case when you would need a very dedicated and specialized setup. Also, keep in mind that if you’re doing an Elemental build, you probably don’t need to increase your attack. Hence, elemental skills and decorations are the way to go.

Defensive and utility skills

  • Guard
    • Reduces kickbacks and loss of stamina while guarding
  • Ammunition on
    • Increases the loading capacity of the bowgun
  • ear plug
    • Provides protection from the roar of large monsters
  • Dodge windows
    • Extends the invulnerability period when dodging
  • Dodge extenders
    • Increases the evasive distance
  • Craft
    • Expands the weapon focus indicator. However, the meter is not increased beyond its maximum
  • Horn maestro
    • Increases overall power speed and shock wave damage
  • Load clams
    • Improves reloading and increases the cartridge capacity of the Gunlance and the vial capacity of the loading blade
  • Marathon runner
    • Slows down the impoverishment of stamina in actions that continuously impair stamina (e.g. falling).
  • Spiritual eye
    • Your attacks will be less distracted and will do more damage to hard targets
  • Protective polish
    • The weapon sharpness does not decrease for a set time after sharpening
  • Fast envelope
    • Accelerates weapon encasement
  • Razor sharp
    • Prevents your weapon from losing its sharpness
  • Reload speed
    • Increases the reloading of the bowgun and the loading speed of the bow coating
  • Constitution
    • Reduces stamina depletion when performing persistent movements, e.g. B. Dodging, blocking or performing certain other actions
  • Rapid morph
    • Increases the indexing speed and performance for indexing axles and loading blades
  • Endurance jump
    • Accelerates endurance recovery
  • Speed ​​sharpening
    • Speed ​​up the sharpening of weapons when using a grindstone

We barely scratch the surface when it comes to skills that will help your build work better, as there are way more than those mentioned here, but these are most impactful on any setup you think of. Unlike offensive skills, these can’t just be randomly attached to your build as each of them is geared towards specific play styles.

Also, don’t neglect some skills just because they’re not listed here. With Mushroomancer, for example, you can use the various mushrooms in the field and achieve excellent effects when consumed. Wirebug Whisperer will further boost your wirebugs and so on. In general, if you want to play a certain way, these skills should be used with your equipment. The suggestions above are simply the skills that will be most efficient without much theoretical creation. Make sure you experiment as much as possible.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive list here.

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