Only a few more days: “Money Heist”House of Money Part 4

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After the trailer comes the teaser. Wrong order? Maybe. Doesn’t it matter to Netflix? Seems so. Because after the official trailer for the fourth season of House of Money, which will be launched in just a few days, Netflix has once again published a new teaser to continue the successful series.

On Tuesday, March 24th, those responsible for the original production started counting down to the tooth-day countdown. So there are still nine left today. On April 3, the time has finally come, the story about bank robbers with city names continues. As in the interruption between seasons 1 and 2, the actors are stuck in the middle of a dangerous situation between seasons 3 and 4.

What can we expect from money heist season 4 ?

As we saw in the two minute trailer for Season 4 , the situation this time is probably even more critical than ever. After “Nairobi” gets a bullet at the end of season three and is seriously injured, the professor is on the run. The former Inspectora Raquel has already been composed. The situation also seems to be escalating in the Bank of Spain itself.

Many surprises and extremes are indicated in the teaser and trailer. We see a member of the group in chains, another hanging, a colossal car accident and even Berlin, which was believed dead, appears briefly in one cut. We can be excited.

A few more days – the countdown

Official trailer for of Money Heist Part 4

On April 3rd the time has finally come. Then, exclusively on Netflix, the fourth part of the successful series “House of Money” (or in the original: “La Casa de Papel”) starts with the professor and his protégés, who all have city names. Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Helsinki and Co. have to prove once again that they can handle the trickiest of situations.

Because part 3 ended after the release in July 2019, felt by many viewers “right in the middle”. In the last episode of season 3, the professor is on the run, the former Inspectora Raquel was caught by the police, Nairobi was hit by a bullet and was seriously injured. Everything looks like the police are storming the Bank of Spain with heavily armored equipment. Cut – “And that’s how the war started” is the last sentence that the audience of Tokyo heard

House of Money: Part 4 | Official trailer | Netflix

For a few days now, the trailer for season 4 has been on view, which gives some insights into the continuation of the story and increases the anticipation. See for yourself:

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