Modern Warfare & Warzone – Playlist Update August 20

Infinity Ward and Activision today released a new server update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We have all the details on the new playlist and weapon nerfs.

the MW Warzone update It is a pure server update, you don’t need to download a patch. The update will update the playlist, fix server-side bugs, and make adjustments to some weapons.

Modern Warfare Warzone update patch notes


  • War Zone: 12 Gauge Attached Barrel Shotgun:
    • Restricted close lethal damage
    • Fixed the damage drop for the FR 5.56 Bottom Barrel Shotgun
  • Bruen MK9:
    • Damage reduction in the upper torso.
    • Base Weapon: Higher Recoil
    • 60 Round Mag – Extra recoil increased
  • I SO:
    • Reduced motion penalty for drum magazines
    • Increased base ADS movement speed
  • 725 Trimmed Barrel:
    • Small increase in ADS time
    • Small decrease in movement speed
    • Reduced close lethal damage range
  • Fix for an exploit near the prison in Warzone
  • Removing the VO from the High Alert benefit

Source: Infinity Ward