Modern Warfare 2: How to Play the KnockOut Mode

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The Knock Out Mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has become a hot cake among the gamer’s community. This game mode gradually brings teamwork back to life through its multiplayer missions.

COD Modern Warfare 2 Knock Out Mode blends gunfight and multiplayer together. Two teams fight to survive or get the cash bag. Whichever team attains the objectives wins the match. 

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How to Play the Knock Out Mode: 2-Way Win and Tips

Here are the 2-way win tips to play the knock-out mode. 

  1. Don’t Lose Focus 

In the Knock Out Mode of Modern Warfare 2, there are 2 ways to win. The first one is holding the package (as given in the game) until the timer countdown gets to 0. The second way to win is by taking out the opposing team.

If your team wins 5 rounds in the first match, then they are the overall winners. But if not, your team will have to replay until you win. So, also focus on the game objective to bag the wins. 

  1. Be the Savior

MW2’s Knock Mode is a kind of 6v6 match. Each of the players has only one lifespan. To keep your teammates till the end of the round, take down your opponents before they do.

You can flank opponents, but make sure you pre-aim and take cover. One of the good things about this game mode is that you can select a teammate to revive. However, you have a second chance to play if you get hit. And if you get hit again, that’s your end. 

So, revive as many teammates as possible, and try to win the round with your life chances.

  1. Upgrade Your Weapon

Upgrading your weapon gives you higher chances of taking out enemies with two or more shots. Upgrade your max, so you don’t run out in a deathmatch.

Always reload your weapon ahead of time whether or not your max is short. You don’t want to start reloading in front of the enemies. Meanwhile, don’t forget to take cover when reloading.

  1. Do at Least One of the Objectives

Since you need to secure the package or take out the opposing team to win, try your best to do at least one of the objectives.

If you lose the package to the enemies, you will lose the round. If the enemies take down your team, you will also lose the match. If you can’t take down all enemies, try your best to secure the package. 

But try not to die while waiting for the countdown.

  1. Use Your Tricks

If you spot an enemy in a strategic corner, you can use your jump-shot trick to take him out. You can use the drop-shot to take out enemies without being noticed (since you will be lying on the floor).

Another trick that can work for you in this game mode is the sliding movement. Slide across enemies while they are trying to reload. It gives you a better opportunity to fire at them. Since every player in the Knock Out Mode dies when hit once, you must be tactical and smart when using your tricks.

  1. Work With the Map

The map shows your position and the package holder’s position and serves as a guide you should follow. If the enemy has the target, you can identify him with the map. Also, you can see “Target” attached to the back of the enemy.

The same thing applies to your team. If your teammates have the target, enemies can also use the map to identify the location. One trick you can try here is to grab the package when the round is about to end. This will give your team more opportunities to win.

  1. Revive But Smartly

While you can revive your teammates, they can also revive you went you’re knocked out. One of the tricks you can apply when reviving your teammates is to lie to the ground and initiate the action.

It helps you live longer because enemies can’t get a precise shot when you’re lying down. But you could get hit if you’re squatting or standing while reviving a team member.


Knock Out Mode in COD Modern Warfare 2 is interesting. No matter the excitement, try not to miss the objectives. You can attempt any of them, but one of them will give you a win at the end of the round.

If you can, secure the package till the countdown ends and try to take out all 6 enemies in the round. Also, communicate with your team, revive them, and let them revive you when you fall. But don’t forget to take cover or lay down as you revive a teammate.

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