Crazy Minecraft texture pack & How the players react?

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This Minecraft texture pack is not for the slightly confused. There are blocks in blocks so the confusion is perfect.

Minecraft is probably one of the biggest perennials in video game history. This is not only due to its relaxing gameplay and the seemingly endless possibilities, but also to the modding community, which repeatedly designs its own modifications of the game or particularly chic texture packs. One of these texture packs has gained great reputation in the community and has caused a lot of reactions.

In this texture pack, all blocks consist of other Minecraft blocks.

What makes the Minecraft texture pack so special?

At first glance, the “Blocks in Blocks” pack hardly differs from the standard skin that blocks have in Minecraft. Only when you take a closer look can you see that the individual textures of the blocks are composed of numerous smaller blocks. This is particularly confusing when you’re close to blocks.

Where can you download the Minecraft texture pack? If you want to play Minecraft yourself with “Blocks of Blocks”, you can download and install the corresponding texture pack. This is possible via this link to here.

Texture pack consumes a lot of power:

If you want to use this resource pack, you should have a solid computer. Because despite the minimalistic graphics, Minecraft consumes quite a bit of RAM with high-resolution texture packages. For comparison: The standard pack has a resolution of 16 × 16 (= 256) per block side, the “block in block” pack, on the other hand, comes to 256 × 256 (= 65,536) – it is 256 times as large as that standard textures.

Minecraft texture pack

How the players react:

With well over 70,000 upvotes in the subreddit from Minecraft, this texture pack is an absolute outlier. There are numerous reactions that range between admiration for the creator and funny comments. Here are some excerpts from it.

So NeoZenith1 says:

I think that’s how LSD has to feel.

ItzSh0ckerz states:

My mind has shut down after seeing this.

And joeisgreat123 asks the most important question:

Are these blocks made from blocks?

Unfortunately, they are not, but then every computer would probably go to its knees.

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