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Medieval Dynasty Update – Revision Patch Notes September 20

The recently released RPG Medieval dynasty received a new hotfix update today. We’ll show you what the developers have improved and what bugs have been fixed.

the Medieval Dynasty Update is now available to all PC gamers. The update only contains a few minor bug fixes.

Medieval Dynasty Hotfix Patch Notes

  • The audio sliders should work again.
  • Master volume now affects all audio.
  • Music is now playing when it is reduced to 0% and raised again.
  • NPC production levels have been slightly increased:
  • Firewood is now produced in a woodshed
  • Excavation shed: increased production of stone, clay and salt.
  • Tavern: increased production of fried / salted meat meal.
  • Hunting Lodge: increased production of meat, leather, berries, feathers, and mushrooms.
  • Woodshed: increased production of wood and sticks.
  • Mine: increased production of iron, stone and salt.

Source: Steam

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