Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How to Save Everyone on the Suicide Mission

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While there are tons of missions that lead to it, the end goal of is Mass effect 2 is to save everyone on the suicide mission. Sometimes it’s all Shepard can talk about. You have to go through the Omega 4 relay and face the collector, and there’s a very good chance most or none of you will make it back. However, you can hop on and off without losing a single crew member. Here’s how to save all the members of the suicide mission in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How to save everyone in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

While most of Mass Effect 2, as part of the Legendary Edition, is devoted to preparing for this final suicide mission, you must have certain things in order to save everyone. Ship upgrades, crew loyalty, and specific choices made during the mission are key to saving them all. While some elements may need their own guide, we’ve tried to explain them as thoroughly as you need to to bring them to life. Here are the steps to make sure you did everything possible to save everyone in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition suicide mission.

  • Buy ship upgrades
    • Silaris Armor Tech – Unlocked by Jacob Loyalty
    • Thanix Cannon – Unlocked through Garrus Loyalty
    • Cyclone Shield Tech – Unlocked through Tali Loyalty
  • Try to focus on increasing either your Paragon or Renegade level. The decisions are necessary to gain and maintain loyalty.
  • Complete everyone’s loyalty mission and gain their loyalty
    • Do this before getting the Reaper IFF
    • Resolve any conflicts using the Paragon Charm or Renegade Intimidate options, if available
  • When you’re ready to move on to the final mission, complete the Reaper IFF installation
    • Complete up to 4 missions or activities when you have them available to complete
    • Do the Legion loyalty mission if you haven’t already

That is all you need to do before the actual suicide mission can be prepared. Once on the mission, there are certain decisions you must make to keep your crew safe. Whoever sends you on certain tasks is the difference between success and death. Here’s who to send for these chores.

  • Ventilation specialist – Tali, Legion or Kasumi
  • Second Fireteam Leader – Garrus, Jacob, or Miranda
  • Barrier Specialist – Jack, Samara or Morinth
  • Again – Second Fireteam Leader – Garrus, Jacob, or Miranda
  • Crew Escort – Mordin is best, but anyone can handle it
  • Let Garrus, Grunt, and Zaeed hold the line by not adding them to your squad
  • If everyone is loyal, everyone will survive

And so you can save everyone on the suicide mission in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This really was one of the greatest moments in Mass Effect 2. However, it can be difficult and requires a lot of work before reaching the actual finale. Try to follow these steps and anyone will find out alive.

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