Marvel Future Revolution is stunning Marvel’s first open-world RPG game on mobile Android/iOS

Marvel Future Revolution is stunning Marvel's first open-world RPG game on mobile Android/iOS

Marvel Games teamed up with Netmarble Corp of Marvel Future Revolution to develop it, and it is the first open-role role-playing game in the Marvel movie world. It will feature all of Marvel’s heroes and superb opponents. Playable characters include Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man and Doctor String. Players can customize their character’s costumes.

Marvel Future Revolution is open world MMORPG, if you believe in the video of the game, it looks really cool. Along with the announcement, there is light information about the heroes you can play with and the bad guys you will face.

Marvel Future Revolution was developed in a world where many facts are combined to form the “primary earth”. As the newly formed “Omega Flight” Superhero agent, players will work together to fight a torrent of super villains, face their shady behaviors, and defend the universe. Here’s another look at a supposed “video game”.

“Marvel Future Revolution will include a number of marvel sites ranging from Xandearth to Sakaar and beyond in the open world environment,” Bill Roseman, director of Marvel Games Creativity, said in an official announcement.

Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, and Captain Marvel can be played. I envision that each individual has unique fighting skills and styles, replacing the standard RPG classes.

Some of the high points that will take you to Red Skull include Yellowjacket, Baron Mordo, M.O.D.O.K, Green Goblin and Red Goblin. We definitely expect more heroes and villains to be revealed in the coming months.

We first took a look at some of the game’s environments. You have future Hub Cluster, Chosen Valley, and Great Sakaar Desert. All of this looks pretty cool, and I’m happy to see that the team has gone through different regions rather than one expanded world.

Interestingly, Marvel Future Revolution appears to be sinking into some pranks along the lines of Spider-Verse, with multiple different versions of Spidey and some other famous Marvel faces.
As you can see in the preview of the movie, this is because several universes have suddenly collided.

Marvel Future Revolution is developed by Netmarble and has no release date or window. We must ask ourselves whether its launch will be close to the above mentioned Crystal Dynamics Avengers, which will be launched in September 2020. We don’t imagine that these two guys are loosening players or the time the other is playing, but we can see them appear in a similar window.

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