Mario Golf Super Rush – How to Update Super Dash

Golf is a pretty straightforward sport to explain, but there are many nuances that can make it very difficult to actually play. The Mario Golf franchise has always done a good job of not only adding an arcade-style golfing experience, but also adding some unique mechanics that make the game more cartoonish and fun. The newest entry, Mario Golf Super Rush, is here now, and with it comes some new techniques that you can use in certain modes, including the new Super Dash.

How to update Super Dash

Speed ​​Golf is a very interesting game mode that was introduced in Mario Golf Super Rush. In the past and in standard golf mode, all you have to do is hit the ball and the game will automatically take you to where it lands to hit it again. Speed ​​golf prompts you to chase your ball as you hit it, which requires sufficient endurance.

You can run by holding down B or the down arrow if you’re only using a single Joy-Con and aiming the analog stick in your direction. That’s not all, however, as you also have another weapon called the Super Dash at your disposal. The Super Dash can be performed by pressing L for a quick forward thrust that can help you gain an advantage over your opponent.

The stamina meter will gradually reduce as you run until it slows you down a lot when you let it stop completely. However, using a super dash consumes a lot of the meter so you need to be careful. Not only does the Super Dash make you run fast forward, but it also has several other uses, such as hitting other golfers.

Your Super Dash is pretty simple at first, but the key to improving it is just to play more Golf Adventure. As you level up with your Mii Golfer, you will occasionally receive upgrades to your Mii Golfer’s Super Dash. These upgrades are very helpful as you can cover longer distances with each Super Dash and even seem to use less stamina when upgrading. However, it can also be more about building your Mii golfer’s stamina.

Upgrading your Super Dash only comes along with leveling your Mii-Golfer over time. This can be achieved by simply playing more competitions and challenges within Golf Adventure so just keep playing and you will be upgrading the Super Dash in no time.

Mario Golf Super Rush is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Also, check out all of our other guides if you need additional help with the game.