Madden NFL 22 Tips – The Best Defensive and Offensive Playbooks

It’s often said that a good offense is a good defense, but why not have the best of both worlds? Like last year’s edition, Madden NFL 22 features offensive and defensive playbooks to help in a variety of situations and further strengthen your chances of winning.

First, let’s take a look at some of the better defensive playbooks:

  • 46 Defense – your moor-standard playbook that is still very effective. Offers a variety of options such as Bear, Normal, Bear Under, 3-4 Bear, and 4-4 Split. This is in addition to options for nickel like 3-3-5, Normal, and 3-3-5 Wide along with Big Nickel Over G.
  • Ravens Defense – Offers three variations of 3-4 formations – Bear, Under and Over – along with a 4-4 split formation. You also get five different types of nickel formations like 3-3-5 odd, triple, 2-4-5 and so on.
  • Dolphin Defense – A 3-4 formation with the types Bear, Odd and Club. You can also opt for the even 6-1 and four different nickel formations such as 3-3-5 odd, 3-3-5 wide and 2-4-5.
  • Multiple D Defense – Touted as one of the better playbooks in the game. Consists of Cub and Odd 3-4 formations together with Under, Normal and Odd 4-3 formations and a Normal 5-2 formation. You can also choose the Normal Dime and $ 3-2-6 formation.
  • Chiefs Defense – Consists of 4-3 formations such as Under, Normal, Over Plus and Even 61. Dollar 3-2-6, Big Nickel Over G and Normal Dime are also offered.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the best Offensive playbooks:

  • New England Patriots – Uses the Y Off Trips Pats formations and is very good all round. Pair them with a strong quarterback to wreak havoc.
  • Baltimore Ravens – If you want a series of top-notch games with an emphasis on your quarterback, the RB Runs are the place for you. Shotgun, Pistol Bunch, and Shotgun Bunch Open Offset offer some of the best moves in the game.
  • Las Vegas Raiders – Got some nerfs from last year’s version, but is still incredibly workable thanks to its wide range of uses.
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Bunch Offset strategies are very workable against different teams and Double Post is as good as always. Bench pivot and mesh post are good too.
  • San Francisco 49ers – HB Lead Dive, HB Iso, and Power “O” are recommended for games with runners. Strong I is also one of the best games in the game.
  • Buffalo Bills – The Bills’ Gun Spread is superb thanks to the transparent cover that offers many different route options.

For more info on the best defensive and offensive playbooks worth using, check out the Ace Madden videos below. You can also read our Madden NFL 22 review here.

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